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Firestorm by Lisa Bergren

Title:  Firestorm (Full Circle Series #6)
Author:  Lisa Tawn Bergren
Pages:  352
Year:  2001
Publisher:  Waterbrook Press
Note:  I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  Follow my other reviews at  and on twitter @lcjohnson1988

The dragon is what the firefighters call it.  A wall of flames that shoots hundreds of feet in the air and jumping from tree to tree, it can change direction in a second.  Reyne is an experienced firefighter for the forest department during the summers while finishing school the rest of time.  She was fighting a particularly rough fire called Oxbow when her team and others were caught with no escape.  Renye’s biggest challenge was to keep the newest firefighters calm and to get them to remember their training.  However, this fire and its consequences scarred her heart for so long that after she graduated, she went into a different part of firefighting.
                Renye meets for coffee with two other women every Saturday morning at her cottage.  Their friendship is steeped deep because of the mutual love they all have for Jesus.  During her time in the valley, she made friends that impacted her life, but can she ever conquer the fear of losing a loved one again?  Logan was a man who loved fighting the dragon.  His love for Renye grew and he planned on marrying her before the summer was out.
                Beth was one of Renye’s friends, who battled cancer.  She had a deep faith, and she challenged Renye to risk.  What exactly are the words that Beth speaks to her?  Would Matt, Beth’s husband, ever dare to love again?  Would Hope, her daughter, remember her or allow anyone in her life again?  How will God move in their lives to help them each overcome the obstacles they face and to embrace Him without fear?
                Ella is a nurse in California, and her faith gives her the strength to comfort many women facing cancer.  Ella is 34 years old and wonders if she will ever be married and have a child, then Matt came along.  Would Hope ever embrace Ella, loving her as a mom as well as learning to allow Ella to love on her?  In this book, we spend the most time reading the adventures the firefighters take fighting forest fires all over.  The characters and action are very engaging as well as the scenes in which the author places them.  After reading Firestorm, the reader is blessed to read a short story about Matt, Ella, and Hope called “Sandcastles”.  Both of the stories are very fun and entertaining to read.  This is the first novel I have read by Lisa Tawn Bergren, and I am sure it won’t be the last.
My rating for Firestorm is four stars.
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