Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Legacy Road

Title:  Legacy Road
Author:  Graham Garrison
Year:  2012
Pages:  215
Publisher:  Kregel
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for this honest review.  Other reviews can be located or requested at

                Have you ever tried to fix a relationship only to have it blow up in your face or not turn out the way you thought it would?  How about trying to fix things your way first because you know best?  Been there, done that.  This is a great contemporary story that follows this theme and others.  It is set in Georgia.  The main character is Wes Watkins, a graduate history student and part-time freelance reporter.
                Wes had a single parent home growing up with his mom, Janet, as his main support system.  His father and mother divorced when he was young, and his father has made some very bad choices in his life.  His father, Ron, hasn’t been involved in Wes’ life, but through a mutual friend, they begin to meet to try and reconnect at Civil War battle landmarks as part of Wes’ history assignment.  However, the relationship is strained to say the least.  Wes’ father has some letters of a relative who fought in the Civil War that might help Wes in his research paper.
                Wes also has a girlfriend named Emmy.  She is an ER nurse, who is also in the National Guard.  Their relationship has progressed to the point where Wes buys a ring.  Does he actually propose?  Emmy has issues from her past that she is also going through.  She has made some poor choices in her past as well, and is still feeling shame and guilt about them.  She does not give her trust easily.  Will she trust Wes to take the next step in their relationship?  What happens if she is deployed?
Wes’ mom has health issues and her past to settle as well.  Wes’ father is trying his best to move forward beyond his past mistakes.  He has dealt with his problems and has asked for forgiveness.  Through his journey, he has found the Lord and learned to rely on Him.
                 Each character has feelings and problems to deal with.  How do their decisions impact those around them?  The themes of unconditional love, forgiveness, and letting God take care of situations run through this book.  This is a really good story, and the way the relationships play out and the healing that God displays once the characters surrender is wonderful.  I hope you will take the time to read, and maybe learn how to forgive, move forward, and surrender to God’s control.
My rating for this book is four stars.

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