Friday, July 20, 2012

Rare Earth by Davis Bunn

Title:  Rare Earth
Author:  Davis Bunn
Pages:  368
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Bethany House
 Note:  I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.  Follow my other reviews at  and on twitter @lcjohnson1988
                The beauty of a masterpiece is that you can look intently and see the many facets necessary to put together the finished product and appreciate the skill it took to create it.  Rare Earth is like that masterpiece.  The author took many facets of the story, put them together, and came out with a wonderful novel for all to read.  The story covers three continents at least, as well as many types of people bonded together by their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Kenyans, Israelis, Americans, and many tribes are brought together through various events to help conquer the evil that looms larger now than when at first glance it appeared insignificant.
                American operative, Marc Royce, is at first sent to bring order to the supplying of various refugee camps in Africa.  He is known as an accountant for a major company, but what else does this man know?  Is there more to Marc Royce’s story and history that will affect not only his future, but others’ futures as well?
                Charles is a native African and pastor, who loves his nation and people.  All who know him are aware of this and love him deeply.  Philip, while the youngest of tribal leaders, is the chief among the men.  Why?  Deb is sent to help Marc with his mission only to find herself in a new position talking with a powerful man named Walton, Marc’s boss.  All this action and adventure are brought to the forefront in the novel by a volcano erupting and the subsequent need of the refugees for the basics to live.  They need food, water, shelter, and medical treatment.  Kitra is there to work as a medical aide, but there has to be more to her story, especially when her brother comes up missing.
                Now, to top it all off, the UN is sending in people.  Are they really there to serve the nationals best interests?  Who can be trusted and who is an enemy?  The villages are taken from those who have owned them for generations, and “yellow men” have come to take some of the dirt for samples.  Before the village elders know what is happening, they are forced to leave their homes and land with promises that soon they will get other land.  Who is really pulling the strings to steal land and why?  Why are Kitra and so many others in danger for their lives, hurt or even killed to keep someone or some secret safe?  What is so important to cover up at such an expense of lives?
                Marc is told he is there to do more than he realizes because the chief of elders has had a vision about him.  Kitra is afraid to allow herself to acknowledge what she feels about Marc.  Marc is concerned for her and willing to fight to protect her.  What role do the Holy Land and completed Jews play in the routing of those who seek to destroy Africa and her people?  The land known as the rift extends far, but does it join two continents and her peoples together? 
With page upon page of mystery, intrigue, love, action, and adventure you will certainly find it hard to put this novel down.  Davis Bunn has been given a wonderful story to tell to those who take the time to read it, as I hope you do.  I hardly told you much about all this novel contains.  Are you ready to unearth the treasure?
My rating for this book is 5 stars.

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