Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lost Scrolls

Title:  The Lost Scrolls
Author:  Michael J. Scott
Year:  2012
Pages:  356
Publisher:  Ellechor Publishing House, LLC
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988
                What a fantastic, exciting novel, truly a masterpiece filled with suspense at every turn!  Dr. Munro teaches Paleography in a university with an assistant, Leon, who helps him with a variety of tasks.  Leon is a man Dr. Munroe hopes the university will hire after he completes his doctorate.  An archeologist, who had been Dr. John Munroe’s friend in college and roommate, urgently sends him an email, but circumstances force John to forego reading it when he learns his house had been vandalized.

                Stephen and Izzy are being followed, shot at, and hunted in various places in Middle Eastern countries for what other interested parties thought they possessed.  Terrorists and mercenaries are also in the mix each aware of the other, but the reader is never quite sure which side of the fence they are on.  Do these various men have ulterior motives for following Dr. Munroe?  Behind the scenes is a man who is funding the search for the treasure Stephen is thought to have obtained.  Are the scrolls that everyone is after real or a fake?  The scrolls are known as Domo tou Bibliou.

                Brought into the mystery and intrigue by the former archeologist Stephen and the university, Dr. Munroe crosses many borders in search of the truth.  One theme of the story is of forgiveness and living the life of faith in front of others not just having mental acknowledgement of Jesus.  The reader is taken to several historic sites along with the characters in unraveling the mystery John finds himself tangled in.  Does Izzy, Stephen’s sister, still have feelings for John even though it has been years since they went their separate ways?  Is Izzy really after truth or just wanting to grab the prize to sell on the black market?

                Dr. Munroe’s life prior to all this adventure was a routine life of a university professor.  He loves studying ancient documents, but not people always pointing a gun at him.  Stephen has his life threatened many times, and now his sister and friend John are in constant danger.  John is always finding himself being arrested, questioned by local police and international law enforcement as well.   Finally, expelled from turkey, he and Izzy must find a way to return to her home located in a small village to obtain a fragment that can help solve the puzzle.

                What I share with you above is barely the tip of the iceberg of this adventure and search for truth.  Trust me when I say there is more than meets the mind of the reader.  The ending may or may not surprise the reader or how a mystery is solved.  The mystery, adventure, intrigue, constant danger and bullets flying will keep you engrossed until you’re finally done with the story.  The novel is a work of fiction with a flavor of Biblical history, archeology, ancient peoples and places.  From the first page until the last, you will be captivated by each twist and turn of events.  I was and I loved the novel.

My rating is 4 ½ stars.

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