Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert

Title:  Trauma Plan
Author:  Candace Calvert
Year:  2012
Pages:  389
Publisher:  Tyndale
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for this honest review.  Other reviews can be located or requested at
                Candace Calvert has crafted an entertaining work of fiction for her readers.  This is a contemporary medical story with suspense, romance, and mystery all neatly packed together and fun for the reader to unwrap.  There is an interview with the author at the end of the book.  There are also discussion group questions if this book is used in the group study forum.
                The two main characters in this novel are Riley Hale and Jack Travis.  Both work at the same hospital.  Riley works there as the trauma chaplain, and Jack works there part-time as a physician.  He spends the rest of his time running a clinic for the poor.  Also some of the other characters are Riley’s best friend, Kate; clinic volunteer, Bandy Biggs and his dog, Hobo.
                Growing up, Riley led a very sheltered and protected life as her parents went through a devastating loss of their first child, who was kidnapped and murdered.  Riley’s family is very wealthy, but she wants to prove that she can be independent.  She leaves home for nursing school, graduates, and then gets a job at Alamo Grace Hospital.  One night after work, she experiences her own trauma, which leads her on a long road to recovery.  She is determined to get back her job as an ER nurse, even though her recovery isn’t 100%.  In order to get more practice, she volunteers at Jack’s clinic in hopes that Jack will write a recommendation to help her get her old job back.  Riley is a Christian, and serves the patients and families of trauma victims who come to the hospital.
                Jack is an adventurer and daredevil.  He loves to skydive, mountain bike, and ski.  In his past, he was involved in a trauma also that continues to effect his decisions and how he lives his life.  He is not a Christian, but hasn’t ruled out the existence of God—he’s just better at depending on himself.  Jack offers Riley a volunteer job at his clinic in hopes that her family name will help bring positive attention and perhaps funding to his desperate clinic.  There have been a rash of incidents that are increasing in severity that happen very close to his clinic and the wealthy neighbors who live near want the clinic gone.  What will they do to make this happen?
                Both Jack and Riley begin their relationship with intent to use each other for their own ends.  As their relationship develops and they begin to care for one another, will events from the past destroy their budding romance?  Can they learn to trust each other?  Will they see how God is at work in their lives or will they distrust Him and continue lives of discontent?
                My rating for this book is 3.5 stars.

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