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God Knows Your Name

Title:  God Knows Your Name
Author:  Catherine Campbell
Pages:  224
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Monarch Books
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988              
Sometimes in a world filled with tragedy, pain, trials, and more we feel as if God forgets us or doesn’t even know we exist.  We might pray during these times; we may not because we think that He isn’t listening or doesn’t care.  Anyone who has lived this side of heaven for any length of time has had these feelings as well as others that go beyond description.  There simply are no words to express the depth of despair, pain, rejection, etc…  In the center of our world, encased in a tornado like storm, we feel that no one knows our name, our hopes, our feelings of worthlessness and lack of power, and worst of all not being loved.  No words can simply wipe away these feelings.  Can anything?
                In the first chapter, “Nameless”, we learn of a woman in Old Testament times who may have felt as women do today.  Women want to know if anyone knows their name, especially God.  The author then relates her story of the feeling of being the nameless one in a crowd of people who knew each other, and the pain of a woman who caught her eye when she was a speaker at a church event.
                Following Nameless, we read about Hopeless.  Who has not known about being or living life without hope?  Again, the author draws from a real person in the Bible, though her story is fictional to reading about a person who also lived without any hope.  All through the book, the author is encouraging us to see that ancient people and present day people all had or have the same feelings.  Then, she provides a morsel meant to enlighten the heart and to give us encouragement as we continue to live through these heartbreaking trials instead of just a Band-Aid solution.
                Then we come to know a woman in the Bible who had no hope her life would ever change.  People today wonder if tomorrow will be the same as every other day, being burdened with feelings of unworthiness.  We can feel we aren’t important or have no reason to hope, even feeling unworthy for all sorts of reasons.  The purpose, as I understand the author, for our lives or emotions to be different is God.  We, His people, need to know Him and His truths so we can act as His ambassadors to help carry peoples’ burdens as well as to show His love.
                Have you ever come up against a problem that seems to have no answer?  What about having sought several possible answers, only to find out that none of them worked or couldn’t be tried?  Here we come to another burden born by many called Helpless.  See what is written in this chapter about the New Testament example of someone who was helpless.  As you progress, you will read a story about someone who also dealt with that helplessness for 50 years.
                Towards the end of the book, we come to a chapter entitled “Powerless”.  Have you ever felt that way in life?  Have you ever struggled for something to change within you or your circumstances only to find you’re unable to produce change?  We are introduced to a man who had multiple demons from the New Testament.  Then, read about a man named Ricky who had his life entrenched in alcohol and drugs, who God spoke to and gave the power to be set free through Jesus Christ.
                In the final chapter entitled “Loveless”, readers are reminded of a woman, Hagar, who knew what it was like to live without love.  Meet a modern day woman who knows she is loved, her name is Donna.  She lives in Dublin, Ireland.  Enjoy this book that though small has powerful testimonies, encouragement, and points to Jesus.
My rating for this book is 4 stars.


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Catherine Campbell said...

Thank you Lisa for reading my book 'God Knows Your Name'. I do appreciate the time taken to write such a full review. What more could an author wish for than that her book would "encourage and point to Jesus"! I'd be happy to meet up with your viewers on my website or on facebook. God bless, Catherine