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Review of Chasing the Wind

Title:  Chasing the Wind
Author:  Pamela Binnings Ewen
Year:  2012
Pages:  352
Publisher:  B & H Books
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988              
Chasing the Wind is a very neat work of fiction that follows the life of a character named Amalise in her days struggling through law school to her second year of being an associate with a huge law firm.  The story takes place in New Orleans and weaves a couple plots together with the hope that as the character Amalise learns so the readers would too…that God loves us. 
                Amalise is introduced to us as she recovers from a three-month hospital stay and is now beginning to get back to work.  Rebecca is her best girlfriend who went through law school with Amalise, and they both work as associates at the same firm.  Jude is her friend from childhood.  He is there to help her through her recuperating time, but now their feelings have changed.
                Luke is a little, quiet boy who loves Amalise like a mother, and she loves him as if he were her own son.  Amalise has been widowed a short time, but there were no children from that marriage.  Jude knew her former husband was no good, but loved Amalise enough to let her live her life without his interference.
                Black Diamond is a major deal for Amalise and the law firm of Mangen & Morris.  The developers want to buy land and build a large hotel on it, especially when casinos come to the area.  Bingham is trying to bring this all together so he can turn the reigns of his company, The Lone Ranger, over to Richard.  But when the law firm attempts to locate information on The Lone Ranger or Bingham, nothing is found in any research that the law firm conducts.  The only reference to The Lone Ranger is a guy who got away with high-jacking a flight after receiving thousands of dollars.  Are they related in any way?
                All this, plus so much more, is the adventure the reader embarks on when reading this novel.  It grips the heart as well as satisfies the longing for adventure.  What matters in this life anyway, the things of this earth or eternal?  This question, as well as others, is what Amalise longs to be able to answer and be at peace with.  Will her Abba lead her so she knows what He wants her to in regards to practicing law?  Should she adopt Luke?  What should she do with how she feels about Jude?   Find a comfy spot and settle down for an enjoyable adventure!
My rating is 4 ½ stars.
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