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The Stars Shine Bright

Title:  The Stars Shine Bright
Author:  Sibella Giorello
Pages:  400
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988

                An FBI special agent, Raleigh Harmon, is in trouble with the Office of Professional Responsibility, a department in the Bureau for her actions taken on another case.  Her training as a forensic geologist would do her little good in finding a job if the FBI let her go because all she wants is another case and other chance within the FBI.  Her aunt owns a shop that sells various rocks and is willing to pay her more than double minimum wage.  Raleigh thinks she is a kook, but a lovable one.
                Then, enter Eleanor Anderson.  She has been pestering the Bureau for months with phone calls and allegations of wrongdoing at the racetrack where her thoroughbreds run.  Finally, when they won’t take action, she offers to pay all the expenses if they send an agent.  Granting Eleanor, a former star, her request, the FBI sends in Harmon, but not without some tough orders she has to follow.
                Harmon’s mother is in a mental asylum because of the events that take place on a cruise, causing her to have a nervous breakdown.  Harmon needs this job to pay her bills and take care of her mother.  If her mother will ever speak to her again, is still unknown.  Harmon’s father was murdered.  That is what caused her to leave the science lab as she had to have action.  Eleanor’s speech and actions remind Raleigh of her mother.  Perhaps that is why Harmon isn’t bothered by her orders to eat right, get rest, and do as she says.  But will Eleanor give Harmon enough length on her leash so she can do her job without putting anyone in danger, especially this kind, elderly woman?
                Thoroughbred horses are dying from something, and races seemed to be fixed with the losers becoming big winners and winners becoming big losers.  After a race in which a horse dies, an investigation, of sorts, is launched and guess who looks guiltier than anyone?  Geology tests and blood tests of the horses are performed.  Will either reveal what is going on?
                Raleigh’s faith is in Jesus and she reads the Word to bring her comfort amidst the turmoil of living a lie in order to do her job.  Her fiancé wants her to come to Virginia and get married now.  Every time Harmon makes plans, Eleanor already has other plans, which causes problems in finding out what is going on at the racetrack.
                In this work of fiction there are parts that will bring laughter to the reader while trying to solve the mystery of the events at the racetrack.  The story brings to the forefront internal struggles of Agent Harmon that include her faith, her future, and her job.  Anyone who sits and reads this novel will enjoy the plot, subplots, and characters.  It is a rich piece of literacy work for readers of all ages, one to enjoy on a quiet afternoon.
My rating is 5 stars!

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