Title:  Proof

Author:  Jordyn Redwood

Pages:  307
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Kregel
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                Wow!  What a great book!  Author Jordyn Redwood has created an edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller.  This is her first novel, and it is a winner.  There is action, suspense, mystery, and even a little bit of romance in her story.  She has developed detailed characters in this work of fiction.  The storytelling is seamless and captivating.
                Lilly is an ER doctor, who is estranged from her father and her mother has been dead for several years.  Kadin is an ob-gyn, who is her friend, but he wants their relationship to be more.  Kadin is a Christian and Lilly is not.  This is what has kept them from taking their relationship beyond friendship.  Dana is a neurosurgeon, and Lilly’s best friend.  She is also a Christian.  They all work together at the same hospital.
Lilly is very protective of her patients.  One of her patient’s is pregnant as the result of a rape.  She is on her way to give her statement to the detective in charge of the case, Nathan Long, when she is in a car accident and is taken to the ER where Lilly treats her.  Will she survive?  What about her baby?  The detective wants to question the patient, but she is nonresponsive.  Is there a link between this patient and other women who have been raped?
                As the investigation proceeds, Lilly becomes intricately involved.  She has her two best friends praying for her, but she doesn’t think it will do any good.  She questions why God would let these crimes be committed.  She doesn’t understand the love a God could have and send his Son to die for her.  As the action continues, she has to leave her job and investigate on her own.  The suspect has committed the same type of crime over and over.  Nathan believes her, but has no proof to arrest the suspect.  Lilly takes off to find the proof before the suspect strikes again.  But the suspect will do anything to keep Lilly from finding out the truth.
                I couldn’t put the book down, reading it in one day.  This was my first novel read from this author, but it won’t be the last.  I can’t wait for the next story in this exciting trilogy.  This is one book you won’t want to miss reading.  It is one for your “keeper” shelf.
My rating is 5 stars.
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