Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Serpent's Grasp

Title:  The Serpent’s Grasp
Author:  C. Kevin Thompson
Pages:  330
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Oaktara
Do sea monsters really exist?  If they did exist, would a government agent cover it up and try to destroy all evidence of their existence at any, and I mean any cost?
The Serpent’s Grasp is a suspenseful thriller that starts off with a man and his mistress alone on his yacht when they are attacked by a creature that has never been seen before.  The man loses his life, and his wife, a marine biologist, must deal with her husband’s infidelity as well as the search for the truth behind the attack on her husband’s boat and other ships.  Dr. Evelyn Sims, along with Captain Micah Gregson, the commanding officer of the Coast Guard ship that responded to the mayday from her husband’s yacht, join forces to discover the truth behind the mysterious attack.  The yacht was the first attack, but a cruise ship and a Russian sub also fall victim to the giant sea serpent. 
The book is suspenseful as several conflicts come into play.  Opposing worldviews between creationism and evolution is skillfully woven into the story as the antagonist, FBI agent Archibald Jackson, turns out to be more than he appears to be, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that his faith in Darwin is not shaken by the discovery of a new species that could undermine evolutionary theory.  Behind Jackson is a group who has been working secretly to create cloned humans to build an army.  Although the secret group’s plan is a subplot of the overall story, it ties in with ethical issues faced in today’s world.  To top everything off, America is blamed for the disappearance of a Russian sub in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida, which may spark World War III.  This book has it all from romance to government conspiracies,  from cryptozoology to ethics, from mystery to murder, from science to faith.
The Serpent’s Grasp is an excellent first novel for C. Kevin Thompson that shows promise with excitement, action, adventure, and thought-provoking questions.  I found it difficult to put the book down, and when the story ended, I still wanted more.  I highly recommend Thompson’s book, and I will be expectantly looking for more from this author.

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