The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle

Title:  The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle
Author:  Michael Phillips                                                                                                                
Pages:  448
Year: 2012
Publisher:  Barbour
     One of the delights about reading books is the differences in styles which become more apparent as a reader builds the amount read.  Recently, I finished The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle with a new appreciation to what authors have written in the past.  This novel is dedicated to George MacDonald who was an author along with other endeavors from 1824 until his death in 1905. We also tend to look at different historical figures and events as being singular in them instead of remembering they are intertwined with other figures and events.
      In this particular work of fiction, there are references and quotations from George MacDonald and D.L. Moody.  It is rare to read of one author’s work within the pages of another author, but it is well done in this masterpiece.  The time frame of this story is between the years 1972 through 1874; the setting includes Wales, Ireland, and Scotland to name a few.
                Basically a family has recently lost their father through a horse riding accident; he had status, title, and heirs.  Lord Snowdonia leaves behind a widow whose first name is Kathryn, who has a heart thirsting to be Christ-like, and finding herself trustee until her son comes to the age of twenty-five.  The son, however, doesn’t display the character his father and mother attempted to nurture in him.  Being first born, Courtney will inherit everything his father had and is a very ruthless man and ignorant of the wiles being played on him by those of ill repute.
                Steven didn’t have the status of the son or the daughter, but he had a deep faith in the Lord that bore the Christ-like character that Kathryn knew she could trust.  She hires Steven to help her in all matters pertaining to the land, title, and holdings.  Percy is the fiancée of Kathryn’s daughter but does not currently know what his future was for sure once he completed his studies.  Throughout the manor at Snowdonia, the cast library is made available to anyone living at the manor as well as those working there.  Kathryn, once being introduced to the writing of MacDonald, begins to build up quite a collection of his novels finding within the stories richness of godly wisdom.
            Readers will enjoy the underpinning theme of mystery as to the real heir of Lord Snowdonia’s manor and estate.  There is rivalry between heirs both apparent and not so apparent as well as adventure, intrigue, and more.  The characters show both the opportunity to choose Christ as well as grow in Christ-like character or not to.   Michael also shows what is possible with either choice or choosing to forgive or not to.  We also see that the possible depth relationships of all kinds can reach and, given time, see perhaps some good change come in characters who maybe thought so far gone as to think all hope is lost.
                Whether or not you have ever read one thing written by either George MacDonald or Michael Phillips, one cannot help but be engrossed with the telling of the story.  Michael is part of a website that also helps readers learn about George MacDonald at  I went to the website and learned quite a lot and plan on making several visits to learn in the days ahead.  I hope you read this particular novel and visit the website, both of which will grow your walk with the Lord if you allow it too.  My rating is 5+.
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