Monday, October 29, 2012

Accidental Pharisees

Title:  Accidental Pharisees
Author:  Larry Osborne                                                                                                                   
Pages:  208
Year:  2012
Publisher: Zondervan        
                Okay, I’ll admit it…I didn’t want to read this book at first.  Why?  Probably because I know my tendency to be a Pharisee in different areas of my life and it is hard to look at honestly.  The Lord knows how many times words with an attitude slip out of my mouth or fingertips when I am typing an email then have The Spirit touch me.  Ouch!  Yes, I admit and confess I wrestle with it often.  If it weren’t for God changing me and continuing to do so, I wouldn’t be transforming to be more like Him.  I believe it is probably a lifelong process to be truthful.  Though each day brings hope, I also have eternal hope because of Christ.
One of the characteristics of this book that is refreshing is that while peeling away the false layers we hide behind, the author doesn’t exclude himself.  Like Moses, who interceded for the Israelites, he didn’t place himself at a distance from them.  The author reminds us that only One is perfect.  We are led by Larry through the Scriptures to see anew the people Jesus never put out or disowned.  In fact, He loved them right where they were in life.  Some people others thought were useless, but Jesus treated them as useful.
Another characteristic of the book is the definition of accidental Pharisee:  “People like you and me who, despite the best of intentions and a desire to honor God, unwittingly end pursuing an overzealous model of faith that sabotages the work of the Lord we think we’re serving.” (pg 17)  What are your thoughts about this definition?
Some of the author’s conclusions and thoughts I agreed with and a few I didn’t.  Regardless, what matters is what the Lord speaks.  Unlike the Scriptures, which are God-breathed, this book was written by man who has a sin nature to contend with.  This is also true of the men and women in the Bible.  There is only One Word that God inspired.  I learned some new things from what I read and I am glad.  His warning to watch where we are walking in our heart, thought, and deed we need.
The book is divided up by topic, then three correlating chapters that end with discussion questions after reading the third chapter.  Again, I am glad that the author stands beside us in all he portrays about accidental Pharisees.  We need each other to help us finish our race to the glory of God.  You can read through this book in either small amounts of time or a lump sum.  No matter how you read it, I hope that it speaks to you in some way as it spoke to me.
My rating is 3 ½ stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at

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Thanks for being a part of the Accidental Pharisees book review blog tour. I'm glad you took the time to wrestle through the book. At times it's a hard book, but it's a book that all Christians can benefit from.

Shaun Tabatt
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