Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christ and the Desert Tabernacle

Title:  Christ and the Desert Tabernacle
Author:  J. V. Fesko                                                                                                                          
Pages:  132
Year:  2012
Publisher:  EP Books
                How many times have you read through the Old Testament?  Have you ever studied the Tabernacle in all its’ wonder?  For over a year now a girlfriend and I have been studying the Tabernacle, and we still aren’t done.  We don’t get it done every week, but we study at a depth that requires a lot of time.  I say this not to boast, but to show as an example that it is so wonderful and there is much we can learn.  We could spend a lifetime and never unearth all the treasures in God’s Word.
                In this small book, there are some truths that the author shares regarding the Tabernacle from God’s instructions to the workers gifted with the Holy Spirit.  As with any topical study, there are probably some statements made by the author you won’t agree with.  However, if you read the reference to which he is speaking on, you will also find nuggets of truth.  God hasn’t told us everything, so there is a mystery aspect to the Tabernacle and all that it includes.
                I think because God doesn’t tell us everything some authors reference other writings.  If we want to understand, to know Him, and His ways, it is best to compare Scripture to Scripture.  Some questions we have may not be answered until we are in heaven.  Remember the Tabernacle was a shadow of the real Tabernacle in heaven.  We can learn many interesting applications from this small book.  We even get a glimpse of his heart when he shares why he wrote it.  The reason he wrote the book is too many of God’s people have remained ignorant of the Old Testament for various reasons or excuses.  However, the Bible is a whole book which includes the Old and New Testaments.  I love the Tabernacle because it is a shadow that points to Christ as the reality!
                As with all books, read with discernment, but take away from it the truths that the Lord speaks to your heart.  If you haven’t ever studied the Tabernacle, read the Old Testament and see what shadows are there that point to Christ.
                My rating is 3 stars.
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Thanks for being a part of the Christ and the Desert Tabernacle book review blog tour. Since you've been studying the tabernacle this past year, I'm sure this book was a great encouragement to you.

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