Let me introduce author Timothy Klein

Timothy Klein was blessed, (though he didn't always see it that way at the time), with a mother and a grandmother that were English teachers (and two sisters that taught English).

Even though literature was a major component of his early life, he rebelled against the Grammar Police and pursued aviation, earning his pilot's license while in high school.

(Skip forward several decades that included a bachelors degree, a stint in the USAF, Grad school, working for several major companies, a Citabria, getting married, a Cessna Cardinal, a son, moving to Colorado, two daughters, another Citabria, starting his own business and other mundane details.)

Anyway, several years ago, while skimming the romance novel his wife was reading, he remarked, “I can write better stuff than this!” “Well,” she replied. “Go do it.”

So he did. That simple dare rekindled a long simmering passion. The result is a series of action/adventure/romance novels.

Never a conformist, he rejected the traditional "romance" formula and featured an airplane as one of the major "characters" in his story. He also employes a slightly unique POV and enjoys mixing in a little of his own brand of theology (some might say heresy).

And yes, his mother's name was Ellen Jane.

The review of this novel will be coming soon!
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