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Meet Author Dale Allan

I saw on your website a link where readers can learn something about you personally,   Is there something not written there that you would like to share with your audience?
  To expand on the website narrative, one single tragic event has influenced my writing more than any other: when I was 12 years old my father was murdered.  What I did a few weeks before his death would have profound impact on my life.  With my father away on a prolonged business trip, I sent him a letter. 
  I still remember sitting at the rickety wooden desk in the corner of my cluttered room and struggling to write three pages long hand - it seemed to take forever.  Excited and proud of my accomplishment, I convinced my mother to give me a stamp and I ran several blocks to the mailbox to mail it.
  After my father’s death, my uncle called our house and specifically asked to talk with me.  He told me that my dad must have read my letter as least fifty times – it seemed like whenever they weren’t busy working, he was reading and rereading the note.  When he was buried with my hand written letter in his pocket, I truly understood the power of writing.
With the first novel under your belt, how are the other novels shown on your website progressing?
   My next book, working title It Could Happen To You, has already been completed and will be published next.  It weaves an exciting and suspenseful tale about a Good Samaritan who is unexpectedly thrust into the national spotlight after a chance encounter with diplomat’s criminal son.   My third novel is well-underway, with about twenty five chapters already completed, and is going to be a real page-turner!
What is the heart and passion of your writing, the reason you do what you do?
  As mentioned above, I learned the power of writing at a young age.  I’ve read a lot of novels, so I’m motivated to create interesting story lines that are unique and haven’t been used before.  While writing, I actually see the events of my books unfolding in my mind’s eye, similar to watching a movie.  When I’m “in the zone,” I’m engrossed in the plot right along with the characters, feeling and experiencing the same things they are – sometimes even leaving me breathless!  This is both emotionally draining and rewarding.  Writing is my passion, something I feel I’ve been meant to do!      
Who do you think or of envision reading your book?  Is there a specific audience you are trying to reach out too?
   My goal is to keep anyone who enjoys reading fiction entertained and immersed in the book so that they don’t want to stop reading.  I also want the reader to learn something interesting from the story; that’s why I pride myself on doing extensive research in order to use facts and figures to support the plot.  If I can transport the reader to another time and place while they’re reading on a cold rainy night or during a day on the beach, I’ve accomplished my goal.    
Was there a particular event or thought that caused you to begin writing and keeps you writing?
  Certainly, my young letter to my father before his death had an impact.  Also, during freshman year of college, I had to take a creative writing class…once our first assignment was graded, my professor asked me to see her after class.  Assuming this only meant bad news, I waited in trepidation for what seemed like an eternity.  However, when we finally met, she seriously encouraged me to think about a career in writing; I will never forget her encouraging words!  So, like many other people, a great teacher had a tremendous impact on my life.  At this point, there’s nothing I enjoy more than starting with a seed of a story line and growing it into a compelling novel!
Is there anyone or any place that fuels your passion for writing?
  Yes, sitting in the family room of my house with my feet up, my computer on my lap, and the television on.  I don’t know why, but this works best for me.  I often write late at night.
Who are some of the authors you follow?
  I enjoy reading novels with creative and interesting plots…. Nelson Demille, John Grisham, and Dan Brown come to mind.  I also like some of James Patterson’s older works.  I recently had a reader send me a note commenting that A Prayer For The Devil, was “Better than Patterson”…that was an great compliment! 
What are some of you favorite books to read? Why?
    Any Demille book, especially the ones with the John Corey character – I enjoy his writing style and wit.  Most Patterson novels keep me turning pages as fast as I can.  Dan Brown’s Angels and Demon’s was a masterpiece - the amount of detail and insight into the Vatican was impressive.  
Are there any genres you don’t particularly enjoy?
  Not really from a genres standpoint, but I don’t like when any writer uses excessively graphic descriptions of violence or unwarranted profanity to get a point across.  In my novels, I try to keep the violence at a distance and profanity to a minimum, if I use it at all.   
One last question, if you could put your whole life, every facet of included into a summary statement that when others read it gives them a glimpse of who you are what would that statements look like? 
   Follow your passion with patience and persistence, always remembering that with God, all things are possible!

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