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Queen of the Waves Review

Title:  Queen of the Waves
Author:  Janice Thompson                                                                                                            
Pages:  336
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Summerside
     What one word would you use to describe your thoughts or feelings when you hear the word Titanic?  No matter how much I have read, viewed or listened to about the Titanic, I find there is always one common experience for me and that is my heart is torn.  There is the overwhelming number of people who perished that night one hundred years ago, but there are also stories of known heroics and heroes.  Of course, there are some who focus on who is to blame and who is isn’t.  Sometimes the focus is on the bravery and the not so brave.  Whether some story is told of the Titanic, fiction or nonfiction, it still stirs the hearts and minds of people a century later.  Janice Thompson does a masterful job of weaving together a story that has the elements mentioned above, yet also shows the faith her characters exhibit.  Some of the characters don’t believe in God as a Father due to their personal experience, while others find it all so easy to lean upon God as a Father due to the influence of someone’s life.
     The basic story of the Titanic is known, and there, of course, are things unknown about the real night and events leading up to that voyage.  Janice’s main story centers on the characters of Jacquie, Tessa, and Iris.  One of them is a daughter who is abused by her father’s misrepresentation of the Father and forgiveness.  One has lived on a farm; two of the ladies live in mansions.  Then we meet Nathan, Roland, and Peter.  Nathan was raised by a father who is a godly man, but is he really his biological father?  Roland is a successful businessman who longs to marry one of the ladies he is in love with, but she doesn’t return those feelings.  Peter was raised on a farm with his sister, and all he wants for her is a life better than she would ever have if she remains with their abusive, drunken father.
     Through scheming and deception by a couple of these fictional personas, one of the ladies goes on board the Titanic under the name of the other.  With this plan in place, it will make it easier for a forbidden love to really come to fruition until Peter knocks on the door and reveals some disturbing news.  Roland is worried sick that the woman he loves, the woman who is to become his wife may be lost forever in the Atlantic.  How does he react when he sees her living at home weeks after the disaster?  Before the ship goes under, Nathan is told by his mothers travel companion that he has always loved Nathan. While Nathan had suspicions about this man, there wasn’t time to dwell on anything but saving lives.  Now Nathan is healed and at home with the man who has always been his father, fighting an internal battle.  Can he forgive his mother?  How can his father plan a memorial service for his mother when he knew the truth all along?
     I found myself not just reading the novel, but envisioning the various parts of the story in my imagination.  With how the author describes the setting, sights, and sounds aboard the Titanic, it isn’t hard to picture yourself there.  Even knowing how the story over all was going to end, the gripping part was watching how much faith motivated each action and thought in the novel.  I read Queen of the Waves in one day and even if you don’t have that time in a lump sum to sit and take an adventure, don’t pass this one up.  It is truly inspiring, engaging, gripping and so much more.
     My rating is 5 stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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