Saturday, October 20, 2012

Twice Promised Reviewed

Title:  Twice Promised
Author:  Maggie Brendan                                                                                                              
Pages:  332
Year:  2012
Publisher:   Revell
                Twice Promised is the second book in Maggie Brendan’s Blue Willow Bride Series.  The setting is 1888 in Colorado.  The Giffords own a store and are recovering from the recent death of their parents and younger brother.  The brides are looking for a fresh start in their lives.
                Greta Olsen travels from Wyoming to Colorado as a mail-order bride.  She had been living with her sister and had been engaged to Bryan Gifford, but he was killed in an Indiana ambush.  While en route, she meets Cora Johnson, who is also a mail-order bride traveling to Colorado.  Cora was living with her parents, but the tension and hard feelings between Cora and her parents were too much since she had become a Christian.  After their bags are loaded off the train, they meet Zach Gifford, who has come to the station to pick them up.  He has written to both ladies to come and be a bride for his brother, Jess Gifford.  The only problem is Jess has no idea of what his brother has done.  Zach figured he would bring two women as brides so his brother would have a choice.  He would then pay the fare for the one not chosen to return home.
                The two women agree to this plan reluctantly and agree to a trial period where they each can get to know Jess.  Jess is speechless when Zach brings the two ladies to the store he owns and operates and tells him why they are there.  Jess is so busy running the store; he doesn’t have time to court a woman and is really not looking to get married.  Neither lady wants to return home at this time, so Jess agrees that they can work at the store to spend time with him.  Zach is also working at the store until he gets his ranch up and running.
                As the story progresses, the two women become best friends and help to get the store organized.  It is decided that Jess will court Cora on the condition that Zach will court Greta.  Greta has no idea that these are Bryan’s brothers, but recognizes similarities between Bryan and Jess.  Jess is forgetful and disorganized and at first is angry that Greta seems to be taking over his store.  He comes to realize though that she brings spirit and dedication to her work.  She also makes him feel like he has never felt before.  He falls in love with her, but still courts Cora because he doesn’t want to hurt Zach’s feelings as Zach is courting Greta.  Meanwhile, Zach falls in love with Cora, but still courts Greta for the same reason.
                Throughout the story, the characters display traits of loyalty, forgiveness, mercy, giving second chances, charity and service out of love for Christ.  The brothers have been depending on getting things done in their own power, but the ladies, especially Cora, make them realize that they must depend on God to show them the way.  This is a heartwarming story that is a relaxing way to spend a day.
                My rating is 3 stars.
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