Sunday, November 4, 2012

Breath of Dawn

Title:  The Breath of Dawn
Author:  Kristen Heitzmann                                                                                                          
Pages:  437
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Bethany
                The word that came to my mind as I finished reading this novel was exhilarating!  Kristen takes a story that seems simple then compounds it with enough twists and turns to keep one from putting the book down.  The Breath of Dawn title doesn’t really contain all that the story encompasses, which makes it fun to read with eyes ready to discover the mystery contained therein.
                Morgan is man who has again becoming acquainted with grief, but can’t leave because of his responsibilities to some who can’t care for themselves.  Quinn has a past that is shrouded with secrets.  Her only reaction to a threat is to run away as fast and far as she could.  Quinn’s father is a pastor who has no faith in her nor will he face up to his own shortcomings.
                Hannah is Quinn’s sister who is mentally challenged, with the faith of a child.  However, she has always despised her sister since her birth.  Markham has but one goal on his mind, and that is to make her pay.  He just spent four years in prison and this woman turned him in to the authorities.  Now that he is out, she will pay.  Who is “she”?  I don’t want to ruin it for you, so grab a book and read to find out.
                Noelle’s family is rich, but her past isn’t all that many assume it should be having grown up with money.  Rick is Morgan’s brother, and he is married to Noelle.  The brothers have a close relationship.  In fact, Morgan is close to all his family members though he tends to live life unconventionally.
                The act of believing in God’s love and goodness touches the heart of the story’s characters.  Working through the myriad of broken hearts, grief, and other issues with faith is the firm bedrock for the plot.  There are elements of mystery, thriller, love, faith, and much more that keep one captivated until the last page.  Just when one might think he knows the way the story will go, the author adds an element that at times hides the outcome.  Another awesome theme in the story is the fact that only God can deeply satisfy the heart and bring peace.  The characters learn to worship and lean on God.
                When I first started the novel, I wasn’t sure how much depth there would be to the story because it starts so simply.  However, while I pushed on, the depth of the story, characters, and mystery grew.  It is enjoyable to read this work of fiction knowing that God is the central Person in the story.  The friends as well as family that stand by each other even when their lives are at stake is portrayed, which is encouraging.  Seeing that not all families are the same brought a sense of realism to the novel.

                One last thought about the book is that I liked the thought of how God brings the desires of the heart to fulfillment.  Even though this is fiction, it is true nonetheless.  God brings His plan to completion in His way and in His time.  Any reader who picks up the novel will appreciate the labor the author put into writing an excellent story.  With winter around the corner and the holidays too, grab a chair, a blanket, and time to enjoy the gift of hope and love this novel reveals.
My rating is 5+ stars.
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