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Christmas Pony

Title:  The Christmas Pony
Author:  Melody Carlson                                                                                                                
Pages:  169
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Revell
                When I read the synopsis of this story and saw the picture of a pony on the cover, I knew I wanted to read it.  Why?  I love horses, snow, and the Christmas season.  Sometimes it takes adversity to remind us of what is important during the season when so much focus is placed on gifts.  Melody brings a heartfelt story to her readers using a variety of eclectic characters.  How would you decide if your Christmas season was good?  Is it based on purchasing ability, family or even food?
                Set in the early 1930’s, the main character is a small child named Lucy whose life is filled with love and hard work.  Losing her father at a young age causes her mother to make use of the spare bedrooms available in their house to boarders to rent in order to provide income for Lucy and her mother.  Lucy not only misses her father, her best friend has also moved out of the area and living in a small town makes daily living conditions harsh.
                One of the boarders who come to live with them is a woman named Veronica.  When you read about her in the story, perhaps you will think of someone like her that you know.  George is a man who has a deep faith and rescues Veronica, but sees the beauty that another woman on the farm possesses.  Grandma moves in with her daughter and granddaughter to help and provide company through some long days.  An elderly married couple moves in during a particularly snowy moment for a wedding, but they bring more than money to help Miriam provide.  Smokey is for sale by a nearby farmer, but Lucy is praying that God will bring him to live with her as Lucy just loves the pony.
                The novel brings home the point that there are some things of far greater value to give to others than simply packages.  Lucy has the faith of a child and a huge heart that wants her dreams fulfilled, but she wants more for her mother than anyone else.  The book is a quick read and filled with a heartwarming story sure to touch the heart of those who make time to read it.  I like being able to see how a change in viewpoint can make what seems to be a sad occurrence one that can actually be a blessing as the author brings out in this work of fiction.
                I gladly recommend a book like this for peoples’ personal home library to read more than once throughout the year.  Consider giving a book to not only those you know, but to those who either you don’t know or to someone who needs encouragement.  Bringing the best present of all to others, Jesus Christ, is worth more than we can ever express.
                My rating is 5 stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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