Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Title:  Judge
Author:  R. J. Larson                                                                                                                         
Pages:  361
Year:  2012
Publisher:   Bethany House
                R. J. Larson continues her Books of the Infinite series with the second installment titled Judge.  This story takes up where Prophet, the first book in the series, left off.  The same vivid descriptions are used by the author to easily give the reader a picture in his mind of the places discussed.  There is a few month lapse of time between what happens in the first book and what happens in the second.  The focus in this book is Kien Lantec, judge-in-training within the military structure of his country.
                While shaving on the morning after his return home on military leave, Kien receives words of instruction from the Infinite.  He is to go on a mission to another country to proclaim the Infinite’s warning to the people of ToronSea to return to their first love, the Infinite.  They have begun worship of a goddess and have turned their backs on Him.  Kien must journey to them and let them know of the consequences they will face should they continue down this path.  Is he successful in giving out the Infinite’s message?  Will the people of ToronSea repent?  Can Kien remain the charming, humorous, young man?
                Kien also questions why he is being sent on this mission instead of the Infinite’s prophet, Ela.  Ela is going to marry Kien someday; he just has to convince her of that.  He had planned to spend most of his leave with her, trying to win her heart.  Ela, however, can’t go to ToronSea as she has received a mission of her own, one that requires her to return to her home town of Parne.  It seems Parne has also turned their backs on the Infinite and judgment is about to be meted out.  Will Ela be able to warn her fellow countrymen in time?  Can they avoid judgment?  Will Kien and Ela have a future together?  Both have very dangerous missions with the potential to be deadly to them as the Infinite’s messengers.  Will Ela’s family escape with their lives?  Are there any people still loyal to the Infinite?
                Throughout this story, Kien and Ela continue their romance even though they are separated most of the time.  The story shows more of their characters in-depth and their developing faith in their Creator.  Ela’s willingness to be an obedient servant to the Infinite at such a young age is inspiring.  Kien has trained to fight, but can he now learn to obey his true Commander in all things?  Both characters show some of the traits of Old Testament figures, which adds another interesting element.  There is more action and adventures in store, so make time for this one. 
                My rating is 3.5 stars.
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