Friday, November 23, 2012

Novel: Gabrial's Trumpet

Title:  Gabriel’s Trumpet
Author:  Duane Gordon                                                                                                                 
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Indigo Tree Publishing
                War is part of mankind’s history.  Whether one reads of war in the Bible, books, papers or movies, pain, suffering and death aren’t the only outcomes.  There are historical novels based on actual facts and some that are not.  The Civil War is one historical event that many stories have been written about.  Gabriel’s Trumpet is an enjoyable novel based in the Civil War era, focusing on two men from Irish descent who fought for more than just preserving the Union.  The names of these fictional characters you will find in the pages of the book.
While the story follows these two men, many themes are uncovered while reading it.  One theme is shown in the interaction the soldiers have with slaves on a plantation during a night watch.  Night riders are harassing and killing the Union pickets, but the soldiers are under order not to shoot civilians.  Even when something happens that uncovers the leader of one group of night riders, no one is allowed to take retribution for the lives lost because of these men.
The love of God and belief in prayer shown to the soldiers one night by slaves on a plantation causes one main character to come to view the war from a totally different perspective.  Some think fighting is all about getting the glory and medals, while others think that freedom from bondage is the reason for the fighting.  More than physical freedom, the slaves view freedom with spiritual eyes, knowing that death brings freedom from the chains, especially if they are believers in the Lord.
I have read many novels set in Civil War time, most of them I have enjoyed, including this one.  It isn’t based on a certain battle or side, but more on the bigger picture that Abraham Lincoln hoped others believed in.  I found it interesting in the historical epilogue the words of Lincoln that he gave after being elected for a second term.  While the whole speech isn’t included, it is enough to give us a glimpse into the heart of the President and the man who led our nation during an extremely difficult period.
There isn’t a lot more that I can share about the novel without ruining it before you take an opportunity to read it yourself.  The author tells a very gripping story with words that help form a picture in the mind of the reader throughout the story.  History is important to learn and relearn as it gives us all pause to reflect on where we have been and where we can go.  Sometimes when reading an historical event or speech, we see that what we thought was a new idea or problem really isn’t; it has been around for awhile.  Treating each other with the love of God is paramount because we all bear His image.  The love the two men share as friends really goes deeper than that, but you will have to read Gabriel’s Trumpet to unearth all the wonders it enfolds.
My rating is 5 stars.
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