Friday, November 2, 2012

Points of View Review by Tony Thorne

Title:  Points of View
Author:  Tony Thorne, MBE
Pages: 156
Year: 2012
Publisher:  Eternal Press
                Horace Mayberry, a young man born nearsighted with rapid eye deterioration leading to total blindness by age seventeen, can only fantasize about living a life as a secret agent.  A semi-retired surgeon offers Horace a chance to see again, which leads the young man into a new life of intrigue, danger, and fulfillment of his fantasies.
                After receiving new bionic eyes, which a military officer continuously reminds him that they are government property, Horace learns that he can see better than he did as a child.  In fact, Horace discovers that his new eyes allow him to see more than any other person as well as allow him to do a number of new “tricks” that the government expects him to use in service to the nation.  In exchange for his new eyes, Horace is recruited to train and become that which he has dreamt about—living the life of a government agent.
                Tony Thorne’s first novel is a fine work of speculative science fiction.  His characters are likeable and realistic in their interpersonal relationships, and the story is interesting to follow as young Horace Mayberry embarks on his adventures of gaining new sight, escaping (with help) from kidnappers who want to steal the technology of Horace’s sight and take over the company that created the artificial intelligent prosthetics. 
                Points of View speeds along at a decent pace.  I read over a hundred pages in one sitting while I hungrily devoured the story line.  The action flowed well as did the situational developments that occur throughout.
                Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading Points of View, I had a little difficulty believing that a teenager could be pushed through a crash course to become a military officer/agent in such a short period of time.  In spite of that, I still recommend this book, and I would love to see more from this author and more development of the character of Horace Mayberry in future spy adventures.
                My rating of Points of View is 4.5 stars.

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