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The Lie 25th Anniversary Ed. Updated & Expanded review

Title:  The Lie 25th Anniversary
Author:  Ken Ham                                                                                                                             
Pages:  220
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Master Books
                Apologetics…what an interesting word don’t you think?  What does it mean anyway?  Defining apologetics begins with a definition of apologetic, which according to Collins English Dictionary is “defending by speech or writing”.  Ken Ham has been in this field for many years.  His speeches and writings have been under scrutiny for just as long.  He is the founder of Answers in Genesis, an organization on the frontline in defense of the book of Genesis as well as defending the Gospel and more.  There are other ministries that also are bringing materials along with a message that focus on Genesis being taken literally.
                As a homeschooling parent for almost 17 years, with my final year culminating in December 2013, the Answers in Genesis Ministry has helped encourage, exhort, and bring to attention the fact that future generations need to be biblically equipped.  Many, who don’t believe the Bible to be the final authority or don’t believe in God, rage a continuous battle against Christ followers.  The Body is equipped through media, books, and various other materials to learn how to defend the Gospel, staying strong against contrary ideologies.  The Lie has been updated and expanded to help bring to the forefront the latest information as well as understanding the times in which we live.
                The author begins the defense with understanding: “The origins debate is not, therefore, one of the science versus religion but one of religion (belief or starting point) versus religion (belief or starting point).” (pg. 46)  Right from the start we see how the author has, through the years, learned that the debate is no longer of evolution as a science, but as a religion.  With logic and reasoning, Ken Ham presents his arguments along with examples of those who neglect to ground their beliefs with the Word of God as their foundation, replacing it with man’s opinions.
                As I was reading this book, I was greatly disturbed to find that those who claim to be Christians don’t hold to the Word of God as absolute authority, but instead seem to add or subtract parts they don’t agree with.  While examples from books showing the results and reasons as to why people have left the church are uncomfortable to read, they also exhort us to train ourselves and others to present a defense against the onslaughts attacking the Bible.  We all must heed the call to be trained, self-taught, to read, to share, and to engage others in order to grow.  We are called to mature and run our race to the finish.  The examples of people who never stopped learning compel us to learn in order to teach.  Above all, if we don’t continue to dig into the Bible for answers and learn what we can from other biblical people, how can we grow, share Christ, mature, and teach others?
                I am thankful for this book, Answers in Genesis, and other ministries that have put so much effort into producing materials so we can be prepared to give an answer for our faith to those who ask.  Sometimes we forget that it is okay to say, “I don’t know.  Can I get back to you?” if we don’t have the knowledge right then to answer.  Just make time to locate the answer and go back to the person with what you learned.  God is the only One who knows all, so go to the Word first.  After that, go to ministries whose foundations are built first with the Bible as the infallible authority, and look at what they offer to help you grow.  Above all, remember that one day we have to give an account for our actions or lack thereof to Jesus, so don’t be found wanting.  Seek Him and He promises you will find Him when you look for Him with all your heart.  To God alone be all the glory, so continue to run your race until it is over.
                My rating of this book is 5 stars.
 Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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