Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Favorites #6 Unending Devotion

Title:  Unending devotion
Author:  Jody Hedlund                                                                                                                    
Pages:  374
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Bethany
      Never before have I read a novel by Jody Hedlund, rarely have I read one that captures the heart as well as mind.  Without a doubt, this story is a masterpiece beyond comparison with any other written.  While this is a fictional story, characters, places and scene, it isn’t hard to grasp the love and devotion people have for another which drives them to action.  Lily is the name of the main character that spends boundless time, energy as well as placing her life in the path of danger all to help rescue women living in prostitution.  Lily believes God has given her the heart for this, as well as feeling like a failure in protecting her younger sister from entering this bondage.
     Lily and Daisy lost their parents and were shuffled for a time between various family members only to end up in an orphanage.  When they become separated, Lily devotes her life to trying to locate her sister from brothels near lumbering camps.  If she rescues another girl, Lily, with the help of a father figure Oren, gets the girl to a safe house where there is opportunity for the young woman to begin her life anew.  Do all those who are rescued want to be or are they choosing this lifestyle? Will Daisy want to be rescued?
      Oren is a photographer who travels the lumber camps taking photographs since he lost his wife, Betty a year ago.  He loves Lily like she was his flesh and blood daughter and knows her impetuous nature to act without thinking of the consequences to anyone.  Connell is the older of two sons of a lumber baron; his younger brother was so very different.  Up until Connell meets Lily all he wants to do is run from betrayal, and gain his father’s approval.  Right now Connell works in the camps while his brother lives “the good life” and is his superior in the family lumber business.  One son has a heart of gold, faith, and needs to forgive a couple of people who hurt him deeply.  The other son is married, a new daughter to care for, but lives a life that brings heartache to those who acknowledge it.  Which one was Connell proving himself to be to his father and especially to Lily?
     Jody Hedlund wrote a very thought-provoking novel and all who read this will enjoy it immensely.  The internal battles, social battles, and family battles are something readers can identify with.  From the first page until the last, each is filled with adventure and is one of many reason no one should miss this story.
     My rating is 5 stars.
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