Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Prayer for the Devil

Title:  A Prayer for the Devil
Author:  Dale Allan                                                                                                                           
Pages:  314
Year:  2013
Publisher:   Emerald Book Company
                Dale Allan has written a fantastic political thriller!  There is mystery, suspense, intrigue and action included in this captivating story.  The setting is Boston, Massachusetts, present day.  We see the themes of family love and loyalty, protectiveness of family, dedication to the God and the truth as well as generosity to those less fortunate to mention just a few.
                Luke Miller is a priest, who loves his job and gets great satisfaction out of helping others.  Growing up, he and his brother were raised Jewish per his father’s wishes.  His mother, however, remained Catholic.  As high school ended, Luke had a scholarship for a full-ride to play baseball in college.  At this point, he decided to go to seminary instead, creating a huge rift in his relationship with his father.  They didn’t speak for years, but have now gotten to the point in their relationship where they can at least be civil to one another.  Luke’s relationship with his brother, Aaron, has also been contentious due to a business deal gone awry and they haven’t spoken in a year.  Aaron is a lawyer for a prestigious law firm, makes lots of money, and unbeknownst to Luke, going to run for the senate.
                As Luke finishes mass one day, he receives the devastating news that his brother, who was working on the campaign of the leading politician to be the next president, has been killed.  While making a speech, the presidential candidate and his campaign staff are on stage and someone sets off a bomb.  What follows is Luke’s investigation and attempt to find the perpetrators.   Will Luke be able to remain steadfast in his faith?  He incorporates various people to help him find the truth such as a computer savvy priest, a hacker, two homeless men, a former drug addict, and a Muslim woman.  Luke also struggles with his increasing anger and rage over what happened.  He didn’t get a chance to mend the rift with his brother.  Can Luke find the murderers?  Or will he reach a dead end and have to give up?  Who could possibly want to kill these people?  Why?
                I could not put this book down.  Great writing and continuous action keep the pages turning quickly.  This is one you definitely will not want to miss.  Kudos to Dale Allan for an outstanding and entertaining work of fiction!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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