Thursday, December 20, 2012

Come to the Table

Title:  Come to the Table (A SouledOut Sisters Novel #2)
Author:  Neta Jackson
Pages:  392
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
                Come to the Table is the second book in the SouledOut Sister series.  The first book is entitled, Stand by Me.  While each book can be read as a standalone book, I think it would be helpful to read the first book in the series.  I didn’t read the first book and had a difficult time connecting with the characters.  There are references in the second book to things that happened in the first book that would have helped fill in the blanks.
                Kat Davies is a young college graduate, living with her three best friends in Chicago.  One of her friends decides to move back home for the summer, so there is an empty bedroom in the apartment.  Kat invites Rochelle and her young son, Conny, to come and live with her and her roommates as they are homeless.  They are looking in dumpsters for food to survive.  Kat begins to think maybe she was too hasty in extending this invitation when Rochelle begins to look at Nick, Kat’s friend and roommate, as a good fit as a father for Conny.  Kat hasn’t told anyone yet about her changing feelings regarding Nick.  They have been such good friends, but Kat feels more than friendship for Nick.  Kat also works part-time at a diner.  She is a proponent of eating healthy food.  She wants to help others, especially the poor, learn how to have a nutritious and healthy diet.  She meets some of the ladies at a women’s shelter as well as the cook there.  She doesn’t seem to hit it off with the cook at all.  Can she deal with this woman if it means helping those less fortunate?  Can she hide her jealous feelings toward Rochelle?  Is a food pantry really a good, Spirit-led idea?  Will Kat realize these women are hungry for more than physical sustenance?
                Nick Taylor is a graduate student needing an internship to finish his degree in seminary school.  He also works part-time in the shipping department at a software company.  He runs most mornings to clear his head and talk to God.  He does get a job as the intern at a church where he has been attending.  He feels he is in over his head working at Souled Out.  Kat encourages him, which is one of the many things he likes about her.  He admits to himself that he wants more from Kat than friendship, but how is he to bring up the subject?  Does she even have those kinds of “feelings” for him?
                There were just too many characters for me to keep track of in this story.  Again, maybe reading some of her other books would have helped.  I just had a hard time relating to the characters and wanting to read their stories.  I did like Nick’s focus and eventually Kat’s focus on doing what the Lord wants and not what they want.
                My rating is 2.5 stars.
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