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Every Perfect Gift

Title:  Every Perfect Gift
Author:  Dorothy Love                                                                                                                    
Pages:  312
Year:  2012
Publisher:   Thomas Nelson
                 Ethan Heyward is a 31-year-old, single man with a secret.  When asked about his past, he is very reluctant to say more than that he is from Georgia.  He doesn’t talk about his family or friends.  He is overseeing the building of a 5-star resort in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee.  He handles payroll, ordering construction supplies, hiring, firing, and disagreements between his employees.  His job is to make sure the resort is top notch and will draw the elite and rich tourists.  No amenity must be left to chance.  Ethan is therefore extremely busy.  He is also charitable, generous, and God-fearing.  When he meets Sophie, he knows she is the one woman for him.  Can he trust her with his secret?  For so long he has been seeking revenge and justice.  Can he give up his quest?  Will he be able to hear the truth and learn to forgive?  God will have him face his past, but will he lose Sophie’s affections when she learns about his past?
                Sophie Caldwell has returned to the town that spurned her in order to start up the defunct newspaper.  She has experience as a reporter and knows her way around a printing press, which is a good thing because the old press left behind from the former newspaper owners breaks down at least once a day.  Sophie is wary of the town’s reception to her return.  While growing up, she was looked down upon and avoided due to what everyone thought was her “mixed blood”.  She had been dropped off at the town orphanage when she was 4 years old.  She was too young to remember her parents and all assumed them dead.  She had no way to find out her heritage to prove or disprove if she had African American blood in her family tree or not.  This is Sophie’s secret.  She meets Ethan and finds him appealing, but she is sure when he finds out about her unknown ancestry, he will no longer want anything to do with her.  He will avoid her just like the rest of the town did while she was growing up.  She is a God follower and gets godly advice on how to proceed with a sound basis for a friendship with Ethan.  Can she go through with what she knows she should do?  It would be so much easier to keep quiet.  God is also going to make Sophie’s past come to light for her to work through.  Can Sophie ever find out who she really is?  Will Ethan be able to overlook her “mixed blood” and come to love her?  Who is trying to close her newspaper? To what lengths will they go to get her to be quiet?
                Every Perfect Gift is a fictional historical romance that takes place in 1886 in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee.  While the plot ends predictably, the story is still worth reading.  The two main characters learn God is a God of second chances and a God of truth.  God is honored when His followers see people in need and help without thought of recompense.  Read for yourself about how God works.
                My rating is 3 stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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