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The Shadowed Mind (Dinah Harris Mystery #2)

Title:  The Shadowed Mind (Dinah Harris Mystery #2)
Author:  Julie Cave
Pages:  283
Year:  2010
Publisher:  Master Books
                Julie Cave continues her great Dinah Harris Mystery Series with the second installment entitled, The Shadowed Mind.  Some of the character from the first novel, Deadly Disclosures, appear in this second novel, including a truly evil senator who is out to ruin Dinah and will stop at nothing to see his agenda pushed forward.
                Dinah is now a recovering alcoholic.  She has been through rehab and has remained sober.  She has become a Christian and is going to church.  She has set up her own consulting firm with her extensive FBI training and experience.  Her first client is detective Samson Cage who was briefly introduced in the first novel.  People start being murdered in an unusual manner that leaves no evidence behind.  How will they be able to find the killer?  Why are these particular people being targeted for death?  As the investigation continues, Dinah and Samson uncover much more than they bargained for.  An organization from the past has been started up again with an active chapter in the Washington, D.C. area.  This organization promotes euthanasia, voluntary as well as involuntary, and a field of study called eugenics.  Eugenics is forcibly getting rid of the “dregs” of society that is, the diseased, the elderly, the homeless, alcoholics, the disabled, etc...  They adhere to Darwin’s survival of the fittest; only the strong deserve to survive.  They believe that certain undesirable traits such as alcoholism, embezzlement, theft, and others can be passed down from generation to the next.  Is this group or a member of this group killing people they deem “socially inadequate”?  These people don’t view this as murder.  They are doing society a favor by removing these kinds of people from the planet.  Dinah is incensed by this way of thinking and determined to find the murderer no matter what.  Will this determination put her on the radar of the killer?
                There are a couple of side stories relating to eugenics that serve to provide more information as well as add depth and dimension to the plot.  The idea that society would be able to legally kill certain groups of people is mind-boggling.  The topic of legal forced sterilization, which gained in popularity in the 1920s, is also included.  While the people, places and murders are fictional, eugenics and legal sterilization really did exist in the United States.  Julie Cave has done marvelous research and included details and descriptions of what she discovered.  This is a mystery that makes the reader think about more than just trying to find out “who dunnit”.  A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable read!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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