Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Tincture of Murder

Title:  A Tincture of Murder (A Lord Danvers Mystery #4)
Author:  Donna Fletcher Crow
Pages:  164
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Greenbrier Book Company
                Donna Fletcher Crow doesn’t disappoint in the latest Lord Danvers mystery.  The story takes place mostly set in the Magdalen House, a charitable home for “wayward women”.  If you like historical British mysteries, you won’t want to miss this one.  Even if this isn’t your favorite genre, the book is still worth reading as you will definitely learn something from Donna’s in-depth research, historical details, and rich descriptions.
                The action starts right from the get-go.  Lord and Lady Danvers return home from a lovely evening out, just the two of them, to their house being on fire and their infant son trapped inside.  Lord Danvers is able to rescue his son and nursemaid, but in the process is injured.  As a result of the fire, their home is inhabitable.  Lord Danvers’ brother, Freddie, has recently written asking for his help in solving a mystery at the shelter his church operates.  Freddie is a vicar and believes in living where he serves, so he lives in this tenement-filled area where garbage and other refuse is thrown out on the street.  It is absolutely filthy and dangerous.  Lady Danvers loves a good mystery and persuades her husband to help Freddie.
                As Lord and Lady Danvers volunteer to help at Magdalen House, serving food, washing dishes, and whatever else may need to be done, they see the desperate need for help among these women and children.  They encounter stories and people that make your skin crawl!  In the midst of their charitable work, a very public trial is being held of a man who is accused of poisoning his wife.  Lady Danvers attends some of the trial where the question is to decide if an insane person is responsible for his actions in the commission of a crime and should he/she be punished for the crime.
                Death comes to Magdalen House.  The first death is deemed to be from natural causes, but then another death occurs and then another.  This many deaths can’t be natural can it?  Who would care enough about these poor women to kill them?  Children are dying at a nearby industrial school.  Are these deaths natural?  What about the maid who is killed where Lord and Lady Danvers are staying?  Is her death related somehow to the deaths at Magdalen House?
                I enjoyed this book so much that I read it in just a few hours!  I like the detail of how people lived and dressed that Donna uses in her books.  She always creates interesting characters and mysteries that intrigue her readers.
My rating is 4 stars.
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