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Enemy of Mine

Title:  Enemy of Mine
Author:  Brad Taylor                                                   
Pages:  400
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Dutton Adult
                There is one particular genre I really enjoy and it is thrillers that involve government, military and adventure.  One of the obstacles I find in locating material to read in this venue is that either the novel has excessive cussing or sexual content.  Trying to read a variety of authors brings a challenge to the locating of good literature with these particulars.  As I was researching for new material to read, I came across Brad Taylor’s novels.  I knew something was up in the book because of the 18 years old and up cautionary warning.  Was it sexual content or foul language?  I wrote the author and was given a complimentary copy of Enemy of Mine to read, which I did.
                With the characters in the summary I read, the book intrigued me to the point of wanting to read what I found to be the third in the Pike Logan Thriller Series.  If you should read this book, I can tell you that the author, Brad Taylor, retired as a Lt. Col. with extensive knowledge because of his life experiences while in the Army.  He doesn’t write fly-by-night scenes with unbelievable characters.  The novel takes off from page one even if, like me, you have never read his books before.  The action takes the reader on a veritable coaster ride never relaxing in any part of the novel, keeping the plot moving at breakneck speed.  It is so engaging to read, one forgets they are reading fiction.
                While I must tell you there is foul language throughout the novel and I would love to have it not be there, the story overall is 5 star.  The courageous men and women characters in the novel fight an evil that is very dark and totally sold out to see their plans come to fruition at all costs.  Evil is not concerned with innocent victims being in the area of a fight nor does it care if its language is lily white or not.  To be sure I don’t like to read books with excessive foul language in them, but in this case I am sure it is part of the environment in this work of fiction and real life.  I am glad to say that there is absolutely no sexual content whatsoever.  I have read in the past and am reading currently novels written by David & Diane Munson, who write novels in this genre without foul language or sexual content.
                Each author brings to his or her writings a unique point of view, characters, plots, scenes and more.  I am indebted to our brave Americans who put themselves in harm’s way, some never to be known by the general public, so that those here in America live safer lives.  Brad Taylor was a part of this special and brave group of people, and I thank him for his sacrifice as well as service for America.  My hope is that he will continue to write novels with the excellence and depth this one has, but perhaps would be willing to forego using the language that offends some so they might read it and enjoy it.  On that note, here is a short dialogue between myself and the author about this very issue:

Lisa Johnson
I have been reading Enemy of Mine and enjoying it very much. One question I have is, why the amount of foul language?  Is that really necessary, realistic or just for some other reason?  Having never been in the military and knowing you have, which I thank you for serving our country, is this really how people talk?  I do plan on writing a review and wanted to know your POV since you are the author.  Thank you, Lisa Johnson (
Yes, unfortunately, that IS how people talk in the military.  When I wrote my first novel, One Rough Man, I was still in the military and simply typed what I knew.  It contained much, much more foul language than EOM.  Since then, I've received plenty of emails about the language, and, now being a civilian myself, realize that it was, in fact, FOUL.  I made a conscious effort to watch that in my second, third and fourth books.  While it may ring true, overuse adds nothing to the plot and tends to aggravate a lot of people.  Since I'm writing for the very enjoyment of the reader, I've learned to temper the language, but at the end of the day it IS something they would say, and routinely it's a bad guy or someone else doing it.  I do, in fact, screen for all foul language now, and if it fits, I let it stand.  If it doesn't, I cut it.  Sorry if it detracted from your enjoyment!
Thanks for the message, and hope the rest carried the day!
                I appreciate Brad responding to my question and concern.  I am impressed that now being a civilian he works at telling a great story without the amount of foul language he started with.  Authors are people who learn like everyone else, as well as make mistakes like every human being.  Whatever conclusion the reader comes to is their sole responsibility; mine is what I post on the blog.
                The story is 5 stars no doubt about it.  Just be aware going into it that while there are no sexual scenes, there is foul language.  Personally, I can glance over the words without a problem, but other people can’t.  The author is aware of how it offends people and is trying to trim down his use of it and that shows growth as an author and as a person.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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