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7 Sanctuaries Introduction

If you had a time machine and could travel back in time to any decade, which would you choose? I’d flip back the digits on the Flux Capacitor to 1960 and push the Delorean to 88 mph.
To me, the ‘60s were among the most radical, transformative times our world has known. Virtually every aspect of existence was twisting and stretching and bursting and nothing was immune. Fashions, of course, entertainment, civil rights, culture, technology, religion, politics – nothing was impervious to change.
I was fortunate to grow up in a small Southern town in the 1960s, and Small Town America faced some of the same influences as those going on around the world. I watched the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, Vietnam on the Nightly News, and the first moon landing an a grainy TV during summer camp. Rock and roll music blasted through my eight-track player and bell-bottom jeans hugged my hips. I was among the last to sign up for the draft, the first to pump my own gas, and one of millions who wore my hair longer than my dad liked.
Since then, I’ve worked as a youth director in local churches, as a corporate training manager for organizations like Universal Studios Florida and Tupperware and as an online college professor. 7 Sanctuaries is my first published novel. My second, The 3rd Option, should be out by February, 2013.
In 7 Sanctuaries, I capture some of the good and tough experiences of a radical decade bound for change. It is my hope that readers will recall their own memories in a time of tumultuous transformation.

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