Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pieces of Light Dinah Harris Mystery #3

Title:  Pieces of Light (Dinah Harris Mystery #3)
Author:  Julie Cave
Pages:  301
Year:  2011
Publisher:   Master Books
                Pieces of Light is the third book in the Dinah Harris Mystery series and what a book!  Julie Cave entertains and educates while engaging the mind to solve a crime.  The setting remains in Washington, D.C., present day.  Some characters from the prior two books return as well as the introduction of a possible love interest for Dinah.  The evil Senator Winters also remains active, trying to advance his cause of eradicating all Christianity from the United States as well as putting himself in the President’s Oval Office.
                Dinah is called in to help with an investigation of church bombings by her old partner, Ferguson.  He is now Special Agent in Charge and has the authority to request whomever he wants to help him solve the case.  He also has an agent with a specialty in bombs working with him, Aaron Sinclair.  The moment Aaron and Dinah meet an attraction is sparked.  Will their attraction get in the way of their work?  As Dinah is a new Christian, she doesn’t realize the ramifications of dating a non-Christian until she meets with her Bible study group and they give her soundly Christian wisdom.  As Dinah and Aaron grow to care more for each other, will she have the strength and courage to tell Aaron of her faith and her past?
                As the investigation continues, more churches are bombed and more innocent people are killed.  Who could be targeting churches?  Why?  Another storyline is developed from the bomber’s point of view along with his family and his past.  Dinah begins to unravel the bomber’s clues, and finally he is caught on video with someone recognizing him and turning him in.  A standoff ensues at the bomber’s house.  A skilled negotiator is needed.  Can Aaron resolve the standoff without force?  Can Dinah discover the bomber’s motivation?  Can a killer be truly saved?
                Once again, Julie Cave has invested herself in telling a story that teaches the reader about the persecution of Christianity in the United States.  We also see the transformation of Dinah from a suicidal alcoholic to someone who knows she is loved by God, has received His grace, and will live in eternity with Him.  She is not going to deny her faith and learns to count on Him for protection.  She shares her past and how God is real and how He gave her the joy of living.  This is a great series and I highly recommend reading all three books.  You will learn more than you thought possible from a mystery/suspense fictional book.  I wish there were more books in this series, but since there aren’t, I’ll be looking forward to reading more books written by Julie Cave.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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