Safe in His Arms

Title:  Safe in His Arms (Under Texas Stars #2)
Author:  Colleen Coble
Pages:  297
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
                This is the second novel in the Under Texas Stars series written by Colleen Coble.  There are some characters from the first novel, Blue Moon Promise, who appear in this novel as a supporting cast.  The story takes place in Larson, Texas, in the year 1879.
                Daniel Cutler arrives at the Triple T ranch to take the job of foreman.  He receives a cool reception from the ranch owner’s daughter.  She has been working as foreman for the last several years and doesn’t need a man to come in and take over.  Daniel has left his life of crime to become a Texas Ranger.  He has come to the Triple T because his old gang is planning on robbing Larson’s bank.  Daniel has reappeared to his gang pretending to want to rejoin them, but in reality he is working with other Texas Rangers to arrest the gang.  The Triple T foreman job is the perfect cover for him.  Of course, no one on the ranch knows his real purpose in being there and he can’t tell them in case they tell someone else and put their lives in danger.  The owner’s daughter, Margaret, is prickly as a cactus, but Daniel sees her for the beautiful woman she is inside and out.  He not only has become a Texas Ranger, but a Christian as well.  He soon falls for Margaret despite his intention to leave once his old gang is arrested.  However, Margaret draws him like no other woman ever has.  He believes God means for them to be together.  Will Margaret be able to let down her defenses to let Daniel in?  Will she allow God to be the One in whom she trusts?
                Margaret O’Brien is a feisty, 28-year-old, spinster.  She knows no man will ever want to marry her and she has accepted that.  She is too tall and gangly with red hair.  Men want small, dainty and blond women, right?  What can Daniel possibly see in her?  He must just be pretending to like her in order to get her to fall for him so he can marry her and get control of the ranch.  Ranching is all Margaret has ever known and all she wants to do.  She can outwork any man, and she has the knowledge to run the ranch all on her own.  She needs no man to tell her what to do.  Her father decides differently and that it is time for her to marry and give up ranching.  Her father also changes his will, leaving the ranch to her cousin.  When everyone finds out, Margaret feels wounded beyond belief.  Someone else is angry too because her father is attacked, then the barn is burned down and her cousin goes missing.  What is going on?  Who is responsible for these crimes?  Is it Daniel’s old gang?  Margaret has put her faith in her father, the ranch and herself as an O’Brien for so long; she can’t trust God to take care of her.  Can Daniel show her she is loveable to God and to him?  Will she believe him?
                This is a wonderful story of coming to grips with a faith that must be put into action when the rubber meets the road.  Seeing Margaret grow in her faith and in her worth through God’s eyes was truly touching.  This story has romance, mystery and action so you won’t want to miss it!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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