Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Home for Lilly

Title:  New Home for Lilly
Author:  Suzanne Woods Fisher & Mary Ann Kinsinger
Pages:  272
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Revell
                The novel is book #2 in the series titled The Adventures of Lilly Lapp.  This is a story that follows a young Amish girl through a couple of years of her life in Pennsylvania.  Lilly’s family originally lived in New York, but and had to move.  In moving, Lilly comes to learn that not all communities are the same.  She has to learn about making new friends, getting along with others, and more.
Included in the tale are adventures and tragedies associated with everyday life regardless of place, beliefs and desires.  Born first into her family with her younger siblings being boys, Lilly has some questions that she poses to God.  All the lessons parents long to teach their children like sharing, doing a good job and more are part of this novel, which make it very believable.
The authors are not unacquainted with the Amish way as Mary Ann Kinsinger was herself brought up in the Old Amish order.  As a young girl reads this novel she will feel as if it is her story in some ways if she isn’t Amish.  If she is Amish, then the more she will be caught up in Lilly’s story.  The chapters are short, which make it easier to put down when a youngster’s chores need to be done.  I am not sure if a young boy would enjoy this novel with the central character being a girl, but perhaps some will want to read it.
My rating is 3 ½ stars.
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