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Title:  Unbreakable (Road to Kingdom #2)
Author:  Nancy Mehl
Pages:  330
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
                Set in the modern day Mennonite Community of Kingdom, Unbreakable is the second book in Nancy Mehl’s romantic suspense “Road to Kingdom” series.  The first book is titled Inescapable, which has been reviewed by this blogger previously.  Kingdom is located in a remote part of Kansas.
                Hope Kauffman is a 26-year-old, single woman still living with her father, who is a widower.  He owns a quilt store and Hope runs the store.  Once a month, she travels by horse and buggy to the larger town of Washington for supplies for the store.  On her return trip, she is run off the road by a truck.  She calms her horse down, gets out of the ditch, and waves to the driver who has turned his truck around.  The truck moves forward and Hope thinks he is coming to help her, but the truck keeps gaining speed.  He isn’t going to help her, but run her over!  Then, shortly thereafter someone in Kingdom is actually killed when their buggy is run over.  This isn’t the first instance of Christians being targeted for harm.  Other communities have had their churches set on fire.  Who is doing this?  How can the people of Kingdom protect themselves when they believe in not taking up arms for defense?  They live by the tenet that God is their protector and they need nothing else.  At least most of them try to live this way.  Hope has always believed this, but with her recent experience she begins to question if this is really how God wants her to live.
                Hope is engaged to Ebbie Miller.  They have known each other since the first grade, but didn’t discover their love for each other until recently.  At least that is what Hope thinks.  She learns, however, that Ebbie has always loved her.  Can Hope love Ebbie without comparing him to another?  Jonathon Wiese has been watching Hope, but has done nothing more as she is engaged to Ebbie.  However, Hope has realized she has feelings for Jonathon and her engagement to Ebbie is broken.  Is there a future for Hope and Jonathon?  He declares his love for Hope soon after he learns of her broken engagement.  He has lived in the community only a year and has advocated changes that not everyone likes.  He wants some things to change, looking to adapting to the future.  Ebbie disagrees and thinks Kingdom must remain grounded in their original beliefs.  Can Hope truly be happy with Jonathon?  Hope’s father is adamantly opposed to a marriage between Hope and Jonathon.  Will Hope go against her father’s wishes?
                This is a story that will keep you turning pages until the end.  I had to keep reading to find out who was terrorizing Christians and why.  It was neat to see how the various characters reacted to certain situations and to see their faith at work.  I don’t know if there is another book planned in this series, but I sure hope so!
                My rating is 4 stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at
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