Beautiful Battlefields by Bo Stern

Title:  Beautiful Battlefields
Author:  Bo Stern
Pages:  192
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Navpress
                What a testimony that is transparent, bold and encouraging with the author not putting her battlefield above anyone else’s!  Bo Stern writes a compelling thesis for believing God while in the throes of a battle.  This work of nonfiction exalts the Lord while sharing what He has taught her.  In our society, we tend to put in place a hierarchy about anything and everything, including trials and suffering.  Funny, but we won’t find any of that in the Word of God.  The battlefield is level and the enemy is against everyone.  I appreciate so much the authenticity of the writer, sharing her family’s battle from every day to yesterday to tomorrow.  Steve, her husband, was thrust into a battle with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.  No matter where we are in the journey of our life here on earth, news like this can knock anyone down, but not necessarily out.
                At various times as I was reading, I wanted to shout an “amen” to what I just read for I found out some of these same truths as Bo.  The book is not a novel; it isn’t frilly nor does it have “pat” answers.  It conveys real truth.  How do any of us live today when we are sideswiped with a battle we didn’t see coming nor did we want?  How do we live the next moment when it seems like the battle has been going on so long we want to quit for a while?  Ever feel like that?
                Before you decide whether to read this book or not, know that it isn’t about “major” battles or hardships.  Daily life, until we get to heaven, is filled with different battles where we can learn about ourselves and our God (if we choose) and come out transformed.  Whether our battle is in a relationship, marriage, financial trouble or a host of others, it matters not what the specific battle is as much as it depends on how we live each moment.  If we aren’t experiencing a battle right now, are we open to the Lord leading us to someone who is?  Battles don’t always end quickly; in fact, some of them can last a very long time.  For me, the field I was on was and is beyond my ability to put into words.  I can’t say that I would gladly do it again, but I wouldn’t miss the truth of Him that I now know because He was there.
                If you choose to read this writing of Bo Stern’s, you will gain an understanding of battlefields that perhaps you hadn’t known before.  There are two main parts entitled:  Discovering Beauty in the Hard Places and Strategies for Growing Stronger through Every Battle.  No one should miss this golden opportunity to learn how to do well in a battle or how one can help someone who is in the midst of a battle.  I highly recommend Beautiful Battlefields for all who long to honor the Lord wherever they are on their journey in life.
                My rating is 4 ½ stars.
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