Monday, March 18, 2013

Cathrine's Pursuit

Title:  Catherine’s Pursuit
Author:  Lena Nelson Dooley
Pages:  304
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Realms
                Hope…that is the word that comes to mind in this final installment of the trilogy, McKenna’s Daughters.  The series tells the story of a recently widowed man traveling on the trail when he loses his wife during childbirth.  Angus is very distraught and not sure how he is now going to raise one daughter let alone three!  He names each one of them, and then makes the decision to allow two other families to adopt two of the girls.  The other two daughter’s adventures are shared in the novel Maggie’s Journey followed by Mary’s Blessing.  Each novel can be read as a story unto itself, but is much more enjoyable if the audience reads all three novels.  Can you imagine how hard it must have been to travel being very pregnant without the modern conveniences or the knowledge we have today?
                The year is 1885 and now Catherine, along with her sisters who are elsewhere, turns eighteen.  The way that Angus drew up the adoption papers he realizes years later was a mistake in that they state that he would agree never to seek them out.  However, Catherine has felt part of her has always been missing and doesn’t feel bound by her father’s promises.  Since Angus kept her because she was the oldest and he never married again, she was brought up in a lavish lifestyle.  Now, her quick decision sets her on a course that changes more than just her life.  When you read the novels I hope you enjoy the adventure each girl grows up having.
                Mary Nelson Dooley tells us a story that definitely has a beautiful ending, and more than that shows us how the Lord is such an intricate part of the telling.  We all know that real life may not always have “fairy tale” endings, but it is nice to read novels where someone coming to have a relationship with the Lord is prominent above all else.  This tale is very reflective of a father’s heart for his children; it reflects Gods desire to have His children close to His heart.  Unlike Angus, who makes a decision to split the girls up at birth, it was mankind who chose to be separated from a loving Father.  One thing that is like God is that Angus never forgets his other two daughters and God never forgets anyone of us.  In fact, God knows the number of hairs on our head.
                Included in the book are adventures, sharing Christ with someone else, conquering fears, and seeking forgiveness.  The ending of the book is very close to how I might envision my homecoming to meet with the Lord.  I enjoyed the reunion when the other daughters were finally located and the size plus joy of the family beings to grow in leaps and bounds.  Perhaps you too will see that hope is a great word to describe what one feels after reading Catherine’s Pursuit.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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