Monday, March 4, 2013

Damascus Countdown

Title:  Damascus Countdown
Author:  Joel Rosenberg
Pages:  480
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Tyndale
                The title is somewhat of an enigma to anyone just glancing at it, trying to discover what the book is about.  The story is part mystery, suspense, thriller, and also has some intriguing puzzles.  There is no one word that can be used to describe this novel, no one sentence that can encapsulate the masterpiece that is this story.  I have read several books by this author, both fiction and nonfiction.  God has truly gifted him to write stories that do more than capture the imagination, but the heart and mind of the reader.
                So many strands are in this story via characters, plots, action and adventure.  Sometimes you might think that covert operations will help save the Israelites from total annihilation.  At other times, anger or tension boil to the surface when characters chose not to do what is right.  It might be that when characters are being deceived and truth is spoken you will see how Christ emboldens His followers to speak the truth at any cost.
                In the background, newlyweds on their honeymoon are unexpectantly caught up in a war that is beginning to encompass the Middle East.  Some of the nations are encouraging Israel to stand down and not fight back against their enemies.  However, some are emblazing trails to share the gospel with those who have before given their all to another theological system.  However, there is someone who wants to rule absolutely without anyone else sharing the power.
                Highly trained secret servicemen from other nations are racing to take out the two remaining nuclear warheads that are meant to annihilate a nation completely.  At times these nations seem to be cooperating, at other times it isn’t so easy to tell what the relationship is between the warriors sent to do a job.
                No one review can capture the intensity of this work of fiction put together for people to enjoy and share.  Anyone who has read Rosenberg’s fiction before can see that he indeed knows the topics that he writes about.  Scenes are so well described it is almost like seeing it in a movie in your mind as your reading.  I really enjoyed reading this latest work of Rosenberg’s and look forward to any others he may write.  The one element I love is how he has characters from all walks of life share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others; brilliant to say the least.  Would any of us count the cost and be willing to pay the price if the Lord were to give us an assignment to speak truth that may require the ultimate sacrifice?  Do we depend upon Him for the courage and words to share in Whom we believe and why?
                My rating is 5+ stars.  Don’t miss reading this one!
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