Love in the Balance

Title:  Love in the Balance
Author:  Regina Jennings
Pages:  360
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany House
                Love in the Balance is Regina Jennings second entry into the historical western romantic fiction genre.  The central characters in this story are Molly Lovelace and Bailey Garner, who readers were introduced to briefly in the author’s first novel, Sixty Acres and a Bride.  The story begins in 1879 in the small town of Prairie Lea, Texas.
                Bailey Garner has finally finished his familial commitment on their farm and is free to pursue his own career.  While he loves his father, he has no desire to be a farmer.  He has been in love with Molly Lovelace since they were in elementary school together.  He must find a job that pays well so he can marry her and support her in the fashion in which she has become accustomed.  He tries various jobs, but is unsuccessful in holding on to them.  Until he finds his way, he has told Molly they need to stay away from each other.  He asks her to wait for him because he will marry her once he can support her.
                Molly Lovelace has been waiting what seems like forever to get married.  She had set her sights on one of the wealthiest men in the county, but that didn’t work out.  He fell in love with someone else.  Her parents have spent a fortune on her wardrobe and deportment classes, so they expect her to make a wealthy match.  They don’t intend for her to waste her life being poor, which is what they think she would be doing if she married Bailey.  Molly realizes she loves Bailey and will do whatever is necessary to marry him.  Can her mind be changed by the attentions of a wealthy newcomer in town?
                Both Molly and Bailey enter God’s refining fire to remove the dross that is keeping them from being the people God wants them to be.  They both have been trying to get what they want through their own methods and not involving God in the planning.  Through their troubles they realize God is sovereign, and that they must trust in Him that He knows what is best for their lives.  I could readily relate to the characters’ emotions and felt right along with them their frustration, anger and sense of betrayal.  They both learned to change their selfish focus on what they each wanted to self-sacrifice of their individual wishes to what was best for others.  It was a pleasure to see the two main characters grow and mature in their relationships with each other as well as their relationship with God.
                My rating is 4 stars.
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