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Review: The Icecutters daughter

Title:  The Icecutter’s Daughter (The Land of the Shining Waters)
Author:  Tracie Peterson
Pages:  352
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany
                Before you read the review, you will be pleased to know that a sequel in this series is already planned to be released in the summer of 2013 titled The Quarryman’s Bride.  Tracie Peterson has written a novel that is filled with beautifully described scenery and multiple interactions between characters to keep a person engrossed.   The moment I began to turn pages I was enraptured with the cultures and traditions of the characters, that of Swedish as well as German.  The turn of the 1900s was bringing much change to the city of Minneapolis.  For the Krause family it meant looking at new ways to make a livelihood when ice was beginning to be mass produced.  The Jorgenson family was in Kansas living as farmers, though one uncle was living in Minnesota.  He had started a furniture making business many years earlier, but as he was getting older, Carl knew he had to ask for help.
                Rurik lived with his brother’s family and preferred working with wood to farming.  Uncle Carl’s letter asking for him to come and help with the business seemed like an answer to prayer.  Recently released from a prior obligation, Rurik went to help his uncle though unsure of what the Lord had planned for his future.  Merrill was the youngest of six and the only girl.  When her mother died, she took over the care of her father and brothers.  Never being one for spending time on female attire or the latest fashion, it was curious to her that she seemed bothered when people tried to help her learn about these things.
                Unexpectedly, the past comes from Kansas to Minneapolis bringing with it a whirlwind of trial, suffering and change.  Rurik is helping his uncle Carl, and the business is booming even while the uncle’s health is declining.  Now Rurik has to bear the brunt of rumors, unfounded gossip and threats from the one person he never thought would speak such.  Merrill’s heart is torn asunder when the town’s gossip brings pressure from her family to withhold her future plans.  Granny is known to all in this town, and as such is sought to give wise counsel to Merrill.  Will the truth really come out or will those who are deceiving others continue to do so?  Can God really help a young man break a bad habit as well as be restored to Himself and his family?
                Sometimes I wonder where authors who have written so much can write anymore let alone such captivating stories.  Well, Tracie Peterson has done just that, and you will surely love this one if you have enjoyed her other tales.  Being of both Swedish and German descent, it was fun learning some of the cultural details that are sprinkled here and there throughout the pages.  Some of the food described I remember from my own childhood when my Nana would cook.  Regardless of your earthly heritage, you will be blessed by the faith woven in conversations and lives of the characters.  While this is purely fictional, the truth that we all wrestle to wait for the Lord’s timing is accurately portrayed here.  “Seeing is believing”, I heard said and it may be true.  It is true only if you are looking with eyes of faith.  Grab a cup of “joe”, a blanket and settle down for a heartwarming story.
                My rating is 5+ stars.
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