Review: Ring of Secrets

Title:  Ring of Secrets (Culper Ring Series)
Author:  Roseanna M. White
Pages:  352
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Harvest House
                Historical fiction…got to love it!  One can always learn something from it.  A question is sometimes all it takes in an author’s mind to start him/her on the writing journey, beginning with research.  The setting this story begins in is New York in 1179.  Often repeated knowledge tends to stay in the mind, such as knowing that during this time George Washington was leading an army.  What tend to slip through the cracks in our knowledge are the smaller or perhaps unknown facts that occurred behind the scenes.  That is where this work of fiction based on some facts starts with the idea of a spy ring made up of ordinary people doing something heroic.  The story is set upon the fact that a spy ring was in existence, The Culper Ring, which may or may not still be in existence today.  Does knowing this about the novel compel you to read it?
                Their purpose was to gather information while living and working among British loyalists, then make sure the information got to Washington.  Civilians and patriots with so much heart risked everything to help America to be birthed.  Very little is known about whom they were or if this ring still exists.  It is known only to those who are descendants of the original ring.  It stirs the heart to remember that obscure people we don’t know today allowed God to use them in so many ways.  Reading this novel stirred the heart of this reader.  The faith in God and patriotism were so evident throughout history.  It should also serve as a humble reminder that “common” everyday people can change the path of a nation for the benefit of the future generations.
                Two nations, two main opposing political views, more than two people involved with spies on both sides and one main traitor, Benedict Arnold, who neither side will claim to be loyal to anyone’s interest but his own.  Winter’s mother’s death now forces her to live with her grandparents who don’t love her and show her such a level of cruelty she has never known before.  Bennett Lane is in New York for one reason only, and it isn’t to fall in love.  Two brothers who were never close growing up in the growing conflict between the British and patriots have secrets neither one knows about.  Then, one brother’s choice may turn out to cost him more than he ever imagined.  Are you intrigued yet?
                Mystery, romance, suspense are just some of the ingredients placed together to make a wonderful fictional story with some basis in fact.  Historical fiction can be so eye-opening, educational and enjoyable.  I loved this story and more so when I read the author’s note at the end of the novel at the end.  I hope you grab a copy of this novel, spend time getting lost in the past which will help you appreciate the patriotic spirit alive as well as a flame in the hearts of people.  I can’t wait to read the coming sequel to this one entitled:  Whispers from the Shadows!  Don’t miss a great story!
                My rating is 5 stars!
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