Sixty Acres and a Bride

Title:  Sixty Acres and a Bride
Author:  Regina Jennings
Pages:  366
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Bethany House
                Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?  How about feeling like you’re left out?  Well, that theme runs through this book for the main character Rosa Garner.  Her story is set in Texas in the year 1878.  This is a retelling of Ruth and Boaz from the Bible with a few fictional twists and additions.
                Rosa Garner is a young widow who leaves her family, her friends, and her country to travel with her mother-in-law, Louise, back to Texas.  Louise, her husband and her son spent 10 years in Mexico looking for adventure and hoping to make their fortune.  After 10 years, the only two things Louise has are heartache and a daughter-in-law.  Her husband and son were killed in a mine collapse.  Rosa was only married to Mack for a short time, and it was an unhappy marriage.  Rosa leaves Mexico hoping to start a new life and maybe find a husband who will love and cherish her.  She leaves home banished from her family due to her newfound faith in God and has nothing but the clothes she is wearing.
                Weston Garner is on the run; he has been for the last five years ever since his wife died.  He has run from friends, society and life in general.  He is existing, but not living.  He has vowed to never remarry or open his heart to love as it hurt too much the first time.  He has even kept God at a distance.  He, however, still views family as in need of his provision and protection, which he feels duty bound to offer.  He also sees it as his God-given responsibility that he is honored to perform.
                Rose and Louise return to Texas to find the family farm way behind in paying taxes and must come up with an incredible some of money in only three months or the farm will be lost.  Louise and Rosa work every minute of daylight, but as time marches forward are still going to come up short.  Louise thinks of a solution, but then discards it.  Rosa, however, impetuously enacts the idea not knowing the full story.  What results causes them to keep the farm, but at what cost?  Rosa struggles with feeling unworthy and fear of repeating her mistakes from the past.  Weston struggles with guilt and fear of repeating his mistakes from his past.  Can they both learn to see beyond themselves and their fears to forge a new relationship based on God and trust?
                The emotions these characters experience run the gamut from jealousy, confusion, anger, and more.  I certainly could identify with what they were feeling.  This is a wonderful first book for Regina Jennings, and a western romance you won’t want to miss.  I will be reviewing her second book Love in the Balance soon.
                My rating is 4 stars.
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