Strands of Deception

Title:  Strand of Deception (Justice Seekers #3)
Author:  Robin Caroll
Pages:  327
Year:  2013
Publisher:  B&H Publishing Group
                What a page-turner!  This is the third book in Robin Caroll’s Justice Seekers Series in the suspense fiction category.  This story continues with the story of the third Baxter sibling, Maddie.  The first book in the series is Rafe’s story and the second one tells Riley’s story.  I found the details and knowledge of forensic science provided by the author very interesting and informative.
                Maddie Baxter is a forensic scientist with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation with a specialty in serology/DNA.  She is a court recognized expert in her field.  Her testimony sets an alleged criminal free and sets in motion a subplot that runs concurrent with the main storyline.  The subplot has Maddie receiving scary and harassing phone calls and her house broken in to when she is at home.  She manages to call the police, who scare the attacker away before he does her harm.
                The main plot involves a senator’s daughter’s murder.  Of course, the best team must be on the case due to his political clout.  Maddie’s team is the best.  The FBI is involved and the Special Agent in Charge is Nick Hagar, who used to be Maddie’s brother’s boss.  Just before the start of this case Maddie and Nick went out on a date, but since then Maddie has drug her feet in calling Nick back like she said she would.  As the case continues, Nick and Maddie begin dating again.  However, the crucial factor Maddie looks for in whether or not to date a man is that he be a Christian.  Nick still believes in God and His Son, but is having a hard time dealing with the way he perceives God allowing bad things to happen to good people.  Maybe you’ve been or are in a place in your life where you are experiencing the same questioning?
                Throughout the story the pursuit of justice is strongly shown, and the characters’ dedication to this pursuit is rewarding to read about.  Readers also see lying, deception, cheating, as well as love, forgiveness and concern for others’ salvation.  Some of the characters aren’t afraid to share Jesus with those important in their lives as they don’t want to spend eternity without them.  I thought the characters were believable and realistic, which I could relate to and feel right along with their emotions.  There is lots of suspense too.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and plan to read some of the author’s other series soon.
                My rating is 5 stars.
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