Friday, March 15, 2013

The Hidden Son

Title:  The Hidden Son (The Cayman Island Trilogy)
Author:  Dianna T. Benson
Pages:  340
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Ellechor Publishing House, LLC
                Did you ever look at a picture that was so captivating and inviting you wished you could lose yourself in it?  How about watching a movie or theatre performance after which instead of just clapping, words like “bravo” and “encore” should be shouted?  Well be prepared to do both with this novel in all seriousness.  What drew me to the novel was the picture on the cover and the title that I figured was a purposeful play on words.  The novel grabs a hold from the first chapter till the last.  The suspense was intense!  I wanted to continue reading it straight through once I started, but my eyes didn’t agree.  So the next day I would start where I had left off, and lost all sense of time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better story to get lost in.
                It is more than an apparent murder mystery or a well done framing of an excellent DEA agent.  There are more twists and turns in the pages than a climbing ivy vine.  Alec had been on the Florida Police Department when his life took a turn he thought he would never recover from…his only child, who was also his best friend, goes missing.  They shared a love for many things including scuba diving. Now, on the Cayman Islands, he is an inspector who continues to try and solve his missing offspring’s case.  Alec prayed for closure in whatever way it came.  LeLisa is a top notch DEA agent on Cayman Island for a supposed vacation, one which she never chose, but was forced to take.  During her dive one morning, her diving buddy dies.  No matter how hard she tries to come to terms with it, she just can’t seem to understand.  More than anything else she wants answers as to why it happened.
                Two souls lost in grief; Alec’s grief is almost two years old, and LeLisa is just starting the process.  Two people who build walls around their hearts in order to do their jobs and not be hurt deeply again by losing someone they love or care about.  Now, the tragedy has brought them together, but this is just the beginning of action and adventure as they search for answers.  Someone wants LeLisa dead, now Alec too since he is in the way and getting too close to finding answers.
                Believe it or not Hidden Son is the author’s debut novel and it is fantastic.  I cannot wait for the sequel!  The characters, scenes, action, and faith-based novel will probably keep you turning pages and losing track of time too.  The plot was rich as well as entertaining; I wanted to see the David in this book slay the Goliath with every page I turned.  The suspense kept building as I prepared myself with what I saw would be a breakthrough or victory for the characters only to have the writer throw a curve ball and get me thinking about the plot’s direction all over again!  Don’t miss this one!
                My rating is 5+ stars.
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at .  Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Wow...your excitement for this book makes me want to read it! Thank you for the recommendation!

Paula V said...

Looks like a nice blog. I'm new here and stumbled upon your $30 amazon giveaway. I don't reach much as far as fiction but rather more Christian enrichment, bible studies, spiritual growth, etc.
Thanks for the giveaway.