Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Stain by Harry Kraus

Title:  The Stain
Author:  Harry Lee Kraus, Jr.
Pages:  431
Year:  1997
Publisher:  Crossway Books
                Kerri Barber is an emergency room nurse, single, and a Christian.  She has had her eye on Dr. Seth Berringer for quite some time, but has done about it.  Seth has noticed Kerri also, but hasn’t pursued her as he has been busy working at his family practice and 12-hour emergency room shifts mandated by the healthcare provide that bought his practice.  He wonders if he should move and start up a practice on his own.  Kerri receives a postcard in the mail from a friend, Lisa, only to discover she mailed it on the day she died.  Was her friend really killed in a hit-and-run accident?  What is the true cause of death?  The medical examiner says one thing, but Dr. Berringer, who observed the autopsy, says another.  Who is telling the truth?  Can Seth regain his reputation in the community or will he forever be haunted by this controversy?
                Soon Kerri and Seth are embroiled on a journey to discover the truth.  Kerri feels she owes it to her friend to find out how she really died.  Seth wants proof of his innocence.  Throughout the investigation Seth marvels at Kerri’s sense of peace.  How can she be so at peace with herself?  Kerri openly shares her faith with Seth, who is searching for more than physical findings.  He is on a spiritual quest, though he doesn’t realize this for a while.  The action heats up with two men showing up in various places, trying to threaten or harm Kerri and/or Seth.  What is kind of research study was Kerri’s friend Lisa a part of?  Who is setting Seth up to take the fall for her death?
                Sound interesting yet?  This is only a small account of the action and suspense of this story.  Seth and Kerri are both on a journey, but of different kinds.  Seth comes to the point where he must either give up control of his life or lose it.  Kerri reaches a decision based on faith, even though it is the hardest thing she has ever had to do.  This is a contemporary scientific thriller full of action, suspense and a little romance.  This is a really good story that will make you think of where our scientific community might stand on a few issues raised in the story.  Can we ever remove the stain of our guilt due to sin?  Kerri has found the answer to this question.  Will Seth?
                My rating is 4 stars.        
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