Friday, March 8, 2013

Unholy Hunger by Heather James

Title:  Unholy Hunger (Lure of the Serpent #1)
Author:  Heather James
Pages:  272
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Kregel
                This is the first novel by Heather James and her skill as a writer shines through.  This is a fictional suspense story set in Fresno, California.  The subject matter is sensitive, having to do with child kidnapping, child molestation and murder.
                Evelyn Barrett is living a very comfortable life.  She has her career as a lawyer, her handsome husband, Eddie, and a 4-year-old daughter named Corrine.  She and her husband are Christians, but their faith is put to an extreme test.  In order to return to work, a nanny is hired to take care of Corrine.  While on the nanny’s watch, the unthinkable happens and Corrine is kidnapped.  What follows is Evelyn’s journey for justice for her daughter and the costs of her search to those involved in Evelyn’s life.
                Evelyn will stop at nothing in the pursuit of her daughter’s killer.  She insinuates herself in more than one police case and definitely oversteps legal boundaries.  She uses her anger to fuel her search because if she doesn’t have that, then she will have nothing or worse she will feel the overwhelming grief.  The author gives Evelyn such realistic emotions and actions while expressing herself that I could picture those same emotions coursing through myself.  The rage, anger, and desire for vengeance a mother can feel when someone hurts her child was so real to me.
                Evelyn allows vengeance to take over her life, causing her to push away her husband and sister and moving out of her house to live alone.  She will put herself in harm’s way if it means catching Corrine’s killer; she wants to die anyway.  She feels so empty and hollow inside.  As the months pass with no progress by the police on Corrine’s case, Evelyn withdraws from life.  Then, Christmas approaches and she finally acknowledges the tug on her heart that is God speaking to her as He has been throughout this tragedy.  She has just been refusing to listen to Him.  She decides to end her search.  She reconciles with her husband, who unwittingly provides her with the final clue to Corrine’s killer.  Will Evelyn chase after him or will she call the police to take care of him?  Can she acknowledge that God is in control and not her?
                This book was so very good at making this reader feel the emotions right along with the main character.  The interaction between husband and wife, working to hold the marriage together after such a loss and then separating for a time only to realize they still love one another and willing to try again was encouraging.  I kept turning the pages quickly to find out what Evelyn was going to do next.  I was cheering her on one minute and then crying soon after.  What a great read!
                My rating is 5 stars.
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