Thursday, April 18, 2013

A reivew of the movie: Lincoln (2012)

Title:  Lincoln
Format:  DVD
Year:  2012
Studio:  Dreamworks
Abraham Lincoln is one of my most favorite historical heroes.  I was born and raised in Illinois where learning about him was paramount in the school system.  As I am also a Civil War enthusiast it is evident to me the subject of this war and the Commander in Chief were intricately entwined.  Some information about Abraham Lincoln has been gleaned from both fiction as well as nonfiction.  I wonder though if our language with its meanings and metaphors means the same today as in the past, in particular the years Abraham Lincoln was in office plus the years prior in his life.
                It is without a doubt that many remember the subject matters which impact their lives the most.  As we all grow older it is also true, I believe, we become more informed and perhaps even have our prior perceptions change.  I have long awaited the release of Lincoln on DVD for there is so much about any one person’s life that we can learn about or from.  I was curious as to what aspects of his life this movie was going to depict.
                Part of me was really hoping that Lincoln being assassinated would not be shown yet again upon the screen as there was more to his life and presidency than that one horrific moment.  While that moment impacted his family as well as the nation, the repercussions of his life and time in office are still captivating peoples’ minds to this day.  I believe too that our understanding of that particular time in history as well as the man will forever cause us to ponder and wonder for many years to come.
                The movie focuses on the heart of this president to pass the 13th Amendment and the heart as well as reasons for him to want it done when he wanted it done.  Looking back, I can see God’s hand in his life and the pressure to pass the 13th Amendment when it did for shortly thereafter Lincoln was killed.  Think for just a moment what may or may not have become history if he was assassinated earlier.  Lincoln was a self-taught man on many subjects.  He was known for his voracious desire to read any book that he could acquire.
                The one challenge I place before our authors, screenwriters, moviemakers and all people is this:   Show historical documents where Abraham Lincoln used the language as portrayed in the movie.  Abraham Lincoln left much of his heart and mind in written form for generations to read and consider.  Abraham Lincoln was a man who had even his prayers in journals without any foreknowledge as to their being kept for perpetuity.  We all know movies are open to opinions as well as critics with various life experiences, belief systems and more.  Therefore, when viewing the movie, please make sure to do your own research into the president, the man known to all as Abraham Lincoln.
                My rating for the movie is 3 ½ stars, and it would have been higher if the language used today was not included.
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Lauren Eggers said...

Thanks for the review. My dad loves all things Lincoln, he's been wanting to see this for awhile. I think, even with the 3 1/2 review I will still get him this.

quietspirit said...

Our son is a Civil War enthusiast. He went to see it. He emailed me and told my how long it had been since he had been to see a movie. (We got out of the habit.) He said it was 'good' but not 'great.' I know why he didn't think it was great. Now I hear from you that they used modern day language in it. If I see it, it I will watch it with the idea of critiquing it. Thank you for the review.