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Terri (Women of the Valley Book #2)

Title:  Terri (Women of the Valley Book #2)
Author:  Sharon Srock
Pages:  304 (Printed to be released May 22nd 2013)
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Harborlight Books
                Sometimes you never know what a novel is about whether you’re looking at the cover or reading the synopsis on the back.  Perhaps, like me, you even see what other novels the authors has written or perhaps even co-authored.  Here, when I read about this novel, I was curious as I had never read anything by the author.  The synopsis wasn’t helpful in discovering the answer either.  So, I took a leap thinking that the worst that could happen was I wouldn’t care for the story.  I am so thrilled to say this novel was a very heart-touching story from many sides.
                First, let me tell you this is the second book in this series, and I didn’t read the first one.  There are readers who like to read the authors series in order whether they are stand alone stories or uniquely knitted together stand-alone stories.  Since I didn’t read the first one, I can’t tell you whether this one is knitted to the first novel.  What I can share with you is the wonderful fictional story of how God takes lives that look hopeless, lost, alone and afraid, and redeeming them.
                Terri, the lead female character, is an only child and has lived on her own since her parents deaths a couple of years before.  Being a dedicated Christian helps her to depend on Him to bring the right husband into her life in His timing.  She was cautious in her life as she didn’t want to miss God’s best for her.  Terri uses the inheritance money she receives to start a daycare.  Now, she wants to become a foster parent while waiting for her greatest desire to be fulfilled.
                Steve is the lead male character.  He reflects the life of a man who was lost but now is found.  He knows his past while trusting God for his future.  He has daughters who have been in foster care while he cleaned up his act since his wife died.  When his family is reunited, he makes seeking God his first priority as well as providing for his daughters.
                Sean and Ellie are very young with the stress of trying to make ends meet as one disappointment after another makes the road ahead seem bleak.  Plus, they have a daughter who was 3 years old when she had to be taken from them until they got their marriage and home life in order.
                I didn’t think I would enjoy the story as much as I did.  The truth of God taking our brokenness and making something new is a truth that still rocks my world every day.  As I read this, I kept thinking of the multitude of kids I worked with in the group homes many years ago, wondering if they had their lives in God’s hands; I sure hope so.  We may not always see how God is going to work something out or what He is doing, but we sure can rest in the truth that He is faithful, wanting more for us than we usually want for ourselves.
                My rating for the books is 4-½ stars.
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