Friday, May 17, 2013

A Matter of Trust

Title:  A Matter of Trust (A Mia Quinn Mystery)
Author:  Lis Wiehl with April Henry
Pages:  307
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
                Mia Quinn is a 37-year-old former prosecuting attorney, who has been a stay-at-home mom.  Her husband of 16 years died three months ago, leaving their family in extreme financial debt.  He had been in charge of the family finances, so Mia had no idea things were so bad.  Now she is faced with returning to the work force full-time and teaching a course at the local college to pay bills.  What other secrets was her husband keeping?  Her son is facing peer pressure as a freshman in a new school and her young daughter begins having night terrors.  In addition, she loses her best friend when she is shot while they are talking on the phone.
                Mia is grateful for her job, but wonders if her boss remembers how to be a caring human and not just concerned with his re-election campaign.  Mia is chosen to prosecute her best friend’s case in addition to another case of a teenage suicide due to bullying.  Her boss doesn’t want her to pursue the bullying case, but Mia is adamant that it is the right thing to do as a child has been killed.  She is teamed with Charlie Carlson a homicide detective for both cases.  In the past, Charlie caused Mia to lose a case and she has never forgotten or forgiven him.  As they investigate both cases, Mia and Charlie both learn that things are not as they appear.  People that should be trustworthy aren’t.  Will Mia and Charlie realize this before something terrible happens?
                Mia also wonders at the radical change in her father.  As a child, before her parents divorced, she remembers him yelling a lot, being impatient a lot and being gone a lot.  Now, he goes to church and is even thinking of going on a mission trip!  Can people truly change?  Mia desperately wants this change to be permanent, but is waiting for a reversion to his old self.  Will she again be disappointed by someone pretending to be someone they are not?
Mia tries to teach her son right from wrong in the choices she makes and the decisions she enacts in her family and professional life.  Isn’t that what all parents strive for?  Her son’s football coach is another example of a young man trying to teach teenagers that their word is worth more than just the paper they signed.  He isn’t just interested in winning a football game at any cost, but in teaching these boys how to become men.
This is just a great story full of suspense, angst, emotions; it is real life.  Although a fictional account, I could readily relate to some of Mia’s problems and emotions.  Great descriptive words and a well-thought out plot made me feel I was there in the story.  I hope there will be many more Mia Quinn mysteries to enjoy.  You will not be disappointed with this book as you fly through the pages to the exciting conclusion.
My rating is 5 stars.
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