Friday, May 24, 2013

Becky Wade's" Undeniably Yours

Title:  Undeniably Yours
Author:  Becky Wade
Pages:  384
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bethany
                An oil tycoon for a father whose expectations far exceed her ability is the kind of man she grew up with.  Now, her father is gone and she is expected to step into his place as head of the Cole Oil Company.  More than anything, all Meg wants to do is make it on her own and live anywhere, but in the massive home she was raised in.  Meg’s younger years were filled with loneliness for her mother.  Her pain was tendered by the love of Sadie, her nanny.  Meg’s heart is tender; all she wants to do is whatever God has prepared her to do, but what is that if not leading the company?
                With the land, buildings, servants and more Meg finds out she owns a horse ranch.  Her first week of work as head of the company entails the chore of deciding who to fire.  Meg never liked horses and has been afraid of them since childhood.  Now Bo is asking her not to close down the horse ranch, but to see it for herself.  If anything, Bo wants six more months to obtain the funds to purchase his dream of owning and running a horse breeding ranch.  Will he be able to keep the ranch?  Every time he prays he sees Meg as being the part that completes him, but how can that be when she is an heiress and he nothing more than a horse breeder?
                When I sat down to read this novel, I wasn’t sure what I expected.  Oh sure, I knew that romance was a part of it, but certainly not all.  The characters have broken pasts and a faith that has seen them through many trials, though not all believe in the Lord.  Here at Whispering Creek Ranch, God is going to transform empty lives, hearts and a big mansion into something brand new.  One theme that really comes through is that God loves us and doesn’t measure our importance by any earthly standard man devises.
                Just as Meg couldn’t fulfill the role expected of her, God had a plan all along to use what He had given Meg stewardship over.  All God asks is that we seek Him and He will do the rest, to be quiet and listen for His voice and then obey His directions.  In the novel, there were choices the characters had to make and such is the truth in real life; we have choices to make every day of our lives.
                The novel is a quick and enjoyable story that can be read from cover to cover in a short time span.  Faith in the Lord, praying and obeying are three strands woven throughout the tale.  We might think we are in control, but as the Scripture at the end of the book states, it is God who makes all things work together for good and His glory.
                My rating is 4 stars.

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